Dragon's LibraryWanting Only Peace
by Paithan

" Death should I accept it or is it to much for me to even begin to fathom? Why should I have so much responsibility on my shoulders, is it too much to ask for peace and quiet? Obviously the gods think so!" Paithan lowered her head wearily she was so worn out, it had been this way for months, but she shrugged it away, she had so much to attend to, to much to attend to. She shook her head and took a second to let it clear. "I shouldn't be wasting my time with such idle thoughts. I have business to attend to..."

She walked swiftly down the dark hallway, the walls moved with life, well not really life, more like the movement of death, after all this was Tartarus. The dead swarmed around, though she ignored the screams. The dead was not her business today. No today was different; today Hades had summoned her himself. She shivered from a cold breeze, but paid no attention to it.

"Paithan, have you gone death girl, where is your head today!" Jonathan came out from behind her and placed his albino fingers around her shoulder.

Paithan didn't turn to look at him. Not that Jonathan was a grotesque man, he was quite handsome actually, and his green eyes gave an almost uncanny glow to his dark black hair. He was much older than Paithan, by many centuries in fact, but he didn't appear a day older than twenty-five. Then again death had that affect on people, how could you age if you were already dead. Jonathan had died at a young age, and those who knew him unwell would have had pity and remorse for one so young. Yet those who knew him well, knew that his death had been by choice. Jonathan had sold his soul to Hades, he wanted death, he longed for death, and so that is how Jonathan had become Death. Paithan had become his partner by job, as well as friend.

Death had not been her first choice of escape, and she was lucky that she didn't have to give up her soul to be here, it was just her place to escape. She was immortal and had been for centuries, perhaps it was the sole fact that she was immortal that she found herself around the dead. She never really knew if it was pity or jealousy that brought her here. She may live forever, but these souls were free. She on the other hand had priorities to attend to. She snapped out of thought and sighed.

" What is your problem Paithan? Why are you rushing? You should relax, take a rest. You'll work yourself to death!" Jonathan chuckled at his little joke. Paithan, didn't respond, he frowned. He turned in front of her and stood firmly." What's the rush?"

Paithan looked at him for the first time, since he had arrived.

"Jonathan.... I."

"Shush Paithan. Do you want all of Tartarus to know my name? In Tartarus it's Death nothing more, nothing less." Jonathan said in a hushed tone.

He quickly glanced around for any one in hearing range. No one was there! He sighed with relief.

" Jon... Ugh Death, I was on my way on important business, before I you interrupted me!"

" Ha! What could be so important that you wouldn't have had time for me?" Jonathan mumbled. He was hurt.

" Something much bigger than you!" She said sardonically as she pushed her way past him." And why should I have time for you when you never have any for me?"

"More important to you and more bigger then me? Paithan you know I love you, but sometimes you make absolutely no sense girl." Jonathan had stopped in front of her again and was standing his ground. He had ignored Paithans last question, it wasn't important.

Paithan had no patience what so ever and she was going to be late, if Jonathan kept it up. He was not going to make her look bad in the eyes of her superior, she had to go, and she had to go now!

"Jonat.... Death, I have VERY important business to attend to, and YOU are making me late. Now let me go, or I'll cut your throat and feed your soul to the ghouls. Do you understand?"

Jonathan's eyes closed and his face went rigid. Without a word he disappeared. Leaving Paithan shivering from the chill.

"Damn it." Paithan cursed to herself that was not the way she had hoped Jonathan would have reacted. She shook her body pushing the chill away and began running towards the big metal doors at the end of the hallway.


"I can't believe that girl after all I've done for her, she brushes me of like I'm nothing." Jonathan was in his room pacing back and forth. His encounter with Paithan had really soured his mood. " What could have been so important..." Jonathan stood for a moment thinking, then suddenly it hit him. " She wants to go back to Kin." His face distorted into anger. " It has to be him. Why does she always go back to him, I love her don't I? He's her ex-boyfriend why can't he stop drawing her back?" He rushed to the door. " This time, I'm not letting her leave, this time she stays with me!" With a thought he disappeared with a wave of cold air.


"You summoned me my liege lord!" Paithan said as she bowed towards the man before her. The man was Hades.

Hades had long red hair that fell to the small of his back. His eyes were a bright green that swarmed with light. His face was square and firm. He stood 6 feet tall and had the most beautiful wings folded behind his back. He was not seated above or below Paithan; he was standing in front of her. Paithan rose from her bow and met his eyes. How majestic he seemed.

" It is good that you have come so quickly. I have been anxiously awaiting my meeting with you!"

This caught Paithan off guard.

"You have?"

" Why yes your quite a celebrity in this room. The way you handle Death and the way you have become so powerful in the dark and light arts. I've even heard some say that you may be even stronger than me?"

Paithan turned a bright shade of red and lowered her head. " Surely those are untrue rumors my lord!"

"Please call me Hades!"

She looked up at him, eyes in shock. She then smiled.

" Yes Hades."

He smiled in return and she felt herself calm in his presence. He wasn't even as close to as mean or evil as she had heard some people say. He was even nice!

" In your own words Paithan, surely those are untrue rumors."

Paithan nearly broke apart with shock; she had forgotten Hades could easily read ones mind.

"Forgive me lord." Paithan bowed low and held her breath, had she offended the dark lord?

" Paithan, please do not do this! You have not offended me!" He lowered down. " Please stand up!"

With the aid of Hades strong arms she was raised up to her feet and stood reluctantly in front of him.

"Paithan please this is no time to bother with authority or manner, I am in need of your assistance. And I am running out of time. "

" I...I don't understand."

" Paithan. My rein will soon, end. That is if I prove I can still handle my job."

" But you are Hades of course you can handle it, you where the one that started it!"

Hades drew his head back and laughed at Paithans last remark. Paithan flushed and lowered her head.

" No...Paithan you do not understand, I am not laughing at you. It's just the idea of me being the one who began it all."

"Then your not..."

" No I most certainly am not. I was once in Jonathan's place, I was once Death. That was until I was raised up to Hades. My last ruler.... Ugh the last Hades, he was weak he longed for eternal bliss. When he was finally relieved of his duty, I took his place."

" Oh... I understand. It's like a raise! So that would mean Jonathan's next in place?"

Hades cleared his throat and turned away.

" Yes that does mean Jonathan is next, which means you would become Death...."

" Wait a minute, I don't want to be Death, and why would Jonathan want to be Hades. He wanted to be Death why would he want to be anything else?"

Hades smiled.

" Exactly what I had been thinking! That's why I need your help."

" Anything." Paithan wasn't in the mood for a change. To keep Hades in power she'd do anything.

" Paithan I need you to kill a immortal, I need you to kill Sheena."

Anything, but that. Paithan shook her head, she couldn't do that.

" Why can't you do it, are you afraid of her? You shouldn't be she's a weakling."

"Weakling?" She looked up at Hades. "Weakling? Are we talking about the same Sheena? Sheena the one that's been alive since... like the dawn of time. The fire goddess Sheena, the one that would blow you away in a second, Sheena?"

" Yes that's her!"

" I don't see that happening. Not only is Sheena the best fighter around, she's incredibly powerful, and well she's not stupid. I think she'd notice someone coming at her with a knife, that person would be dead in an instance. You think she'd just stand there?"

Hades griped Paithans chin softly and drew his face close to hers and whispered.

"Yes I do. You know why?"

" Why?"

" Because she would never raise a hand to you. Never, even if her life was on the line. You knew this as well as me... She would let you kill her," His grip tightened on her chin and he kissed her forehead. He then roughly pushed her away and turned his back to her.

" That is all, Paithan. In order to keep your role in Tartarus the same, I recommend you complete your task, and soon." His wings unfolded and he rose into the air.

" I have business to attend to in the Apalasian fields...." And with that he was gone.


" Okay Kin where is she? " Jonathan screamed at Kin.

Just moments before Kin had been calmly enjoying his breakfast with Sheena, and Coren. Kin blue eyes gazed up at Jonathan with a look of confusion, his red hair hung loosely down his face. Sheena had been drinking a glass of milk at the time, and the sudden shock of Jonathan's arrival had caused the milk to fly across the table, spilling over Coren. Sheena had long black hair that curled at the small of her back. She had longer steaks of red falling over her shoulders and her dark blue eyes were half covered with her black and red bangs. Coren despite his sudden shower of milk was calm, his long blond hair was tied neatly in the back and his green eyes stared over at Jonathan. A half grin was playing on his face.

" Well Jonathan it was good of you to join us for Breakfast, it's a pity there's none left for you!" Coren said to Jonathan, he reached over to his napkin and began to wipe his face.

Jonathan turned to him and glared madly. Coren ignored him. Jonathan turned back to Kin.

" Where is she?"

" Where is who? Jonathan maybe if I knew who you were looking for, I could tell you."

Jonathan grabbed Kin by the collar of his shirt and raised him up.

" DON'T PLAY BULLSHITTER WITH ME KIN. OR I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU!" Jonathan screamed at the top of his lungs. Kin pushed himself away from Jonathan and glared.

" Listen Jonathan. I don't know what your problem is but...."

" WHERE IS PAITHAN?" Jonathan lunged at Kin. Kin was instantly ready to attack, Jonathan's long nails cut through Kin's check, and Kin's fist collided with Jonathan's gut. Neither flinched and they both went tumbling to the floor, kicking and punching all the way down.


" Where the hell is Jonathan?" Paithan was looking around in his room. " Where else could he be?" Paithan had little time; Hades wanted her to start immediately. Wanted her to kill Sheena.

Paithan slumped down onto Jonathan's bed and held her head in her hands. " What I am going to do, I can't kill Sheena, she's always been like a mother to me. I can't do it.... But then I would become Death. I would never get a chance to see Kin or Coren... or Sheena. And what about Tomah and Alys, my children need me there. They need me and Kin... together." Paithans head jerked up and she scorned herself. " Stop it Paithan, Kin doesn't want you. He's gotten on with his life. And besides you're with Jonathan, even though you barely see him, he barely notices you anymore. Your alone more now than when you where with Kin. Kin was always there, always cared. He always had...." Paithan sighed, she had to face it, she loved Kin still. Jonathan wasn't there anymore; he was obsessive up until he won. Then you're nothing but in the way. " But then there's Kin." Paithan smiled to herself and stood up. She twirled around and disappeared.


" God you two get the hell off each other." Sheena screamed as she threw herself into the mass of bodies. Coren had already thrown himself into the mass and got himself caught up in the fight. Sheena grabbed Kin by the shoulder and ripped him up. " Coren grab Jonathan."

Instantly Coren lunged at Jonathan and pinned him down. Jonathan was breathing in strained gasped, he had a black eye forming and he was gripping his ribs tightly. Kin had the gash across his face bleeding and his side was gashed and bleeding, as well he was breathing hard. Corens hair was out of its neat hold and it was tumbling over his shoulders like a yellow river. Sheena was still holding Kin back and was glaring down at Jonathan.

" Let go of me!" Jonathan demanded as he struggled under Corens grip.

" Not until we find out your problem. What about Paithan?" Coren said as he slammed Jonathan down.

"Where did you take her?" Jonathan screamed.

" I don't know bastard." Kinreamed back. Sheena tightened her grip.

" Now boys we can settle this in an adult like manner..." Sheena began.

"More BULLSHIT..."Jonathan screamed he pushed Coren off of him. He stood up and lunged at Kin. Sheena threw Kin out of the way and when Jonathan was just about on her, she kicked her leg up and got him in the ribs.

" AHHHHH!" Jonathan fell to his knees gripping his ribs.

" What the hell is your problem? Paithan isn't here. She hasn't been here since she left with you two decades ago." Kin screamed back.

" You lie..." Jonathan mumbled.

" He lies about what?" Paithan said as she appeared out of nowhere. " Jonathan what's going on?"

" You friend decided to attack us, in order to find out where you where!" Coren said, he was placing his hair back into a ponytail.

"W here I was?" Paithan sighed. " Jonathan I had business with Hades! I told you it was important. Where did you get the idea that I went here?" Paithans temper was raising, she was mad at Jonathan, but more at herself Sheena was standing right there. She had a grin on her face and was looking at Paithan proudly." I can't do this...."

" Paithan!" Kin mummered. He looked at her, how she had changed since she left. Her white hair was long, flowing down past her back. Her brown eyes seemed darker, and her body was thinner not to mention albino. But he guessed that's what happens when you're in hell, where could you get any sun? Yet even though all her changes she was still beautiful, and he still missed her.

"Paithan...I, its just.... Hades? What did he want?" Jonathan was dumbfounded. He felt like a fool.

" Paithan, how can you stand staying with such a stupid person." Coren snorted. He scowled at Jonathan and turned to Paithan.

" Hey I'm not stupid..." Jonathan said defensively.

" Paithan it's so good to see you." Sheena said as she gave Paithan a hug. Paithan jumped she had forgotten Sheena had been there.

" I missed you to..." Paithan said softly and returned the hug. She looked up at Kin. "How have you been?"

Kin didn't return the gaze, he turned to Coren who returned his gaze, and said. " Fine Paithan, and you?"

Paithan lowered her head. " Good Kin... Good." He hates me, what was I thinking... why would he still love me. I shouldn't have even thought about it, now he probably thinks I'm stupid. Who cares if he thinks I'm stupid, I have Jonathan.... I guess!

Sheena broke the silence." Paithan, stay.... We haven't seen you in a long time. We missed you." She looked over at Kin, who lowered his head. " We ALL missed you very much." She looked back at Paithan. " We'd all like it if you'd stay... PLEASE."

Paithan heard Jonathan mumble a complaint in the back, one that only she could here. She turned to him. " Do you have a problem with me staying?"

Jonathan looked up at her. His language changed from English to Noncrean, a language that only Necromancers could speak. Only Paithan and Jonathan could speak.

" Yes I have a problem with it, I don't trust these people." Jonathan said sternly.

Paithan sighed. She lowered her head and almost laughed. " Why does it matter if I stay here or not, I'd get to see you about the same amount of time."

Jonathan's voice rose " What's that supposed to mean."

This time Paithan laughed quite loud in deed. It caused everyone's eyebrows in the room to raise.

" This is not funny Paithan."

"Actually it is. Why should I even bother anymore, obviously you can't seem to have your head screwed on in the right place. You haven't noticed how miserable I've been lately? Or how much I've needed you? Or even how much you've pushed me away?"

" How far have I pushed you away!" Jonathan's voice was a whisper.

" Enough to have me want to leave. Enough for me to say goodbye." Paithan said head lowered.

" Paithan?" Jonathan said quietly his voice cracking.

" Goodbye..." Paithan said silently. She turned her back from him. She held her breath and closed her eyes, awaiting the emotional onslaught from Jonathan.

"WHAT?" Jonathan screamed. He lunged at Paithan and before she could react his hands gripped her arms tightly and he drew her forward. " Don't kid with me Paithan. I'm in no mood for this!"

Paithan struggled under his grip. " Let go of me!"

" Fine Paithan." Jonathan let go. "I won't forget this Paithan, NEVER." He stepped back and turned to Kin. " I swear I'll kill you!" He then faced Sheena and Coren. " Your lives will never be the same." He turned back to Paithan, spat at her feet and disappeared.

Paithan slumped to the floor and just stared at the spot Jonathan had been, and to her surprise her heart was hurting.

" Does anyone know what had just happened?" Coren said turning to Sheena. Sheena just shrugged and shook her head.

" Or even what he just said?" Kin snarled. Jonathan had said something threatening to him, and had upset Paithan. He'll pay for it. What ever he did, he'll pay. He stared down at Paithan, and longed to have her in his arms.


"Paithan, you really said that?" Sheena said exasperated. She had opened her room up to Paithan and was laying a place out for her to sleep. "I know a cot isn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on, but that's all I have."

" That's okay..." She looked down at the small bed and felt weary. " You sure Coren doesn't mind bunking with Kin."

" Oh believe me its okay." She gave Paithan a smile. " Now they can catch up on their guy talk, just as we can our girl." She flopped down on her bed and rolled over and stared at Paithan. Paithan sighed happily and sat down on her bed. To her surprise it was comfterable.

" So what did Jonathan say."

" You never give up do you..." Paithan gave her a faint smile.

" Nope I haven't yet." She smiled gleefully and laughed.

" He wasn't very happy...."

" No shit."

" He said he was going to kill Kin."

Sheena's eyebrow raised. " Why would he say that?"

Paithan looked up at her and frown. " He thinks that Kin is the reason I left."

Sheena half smiled. " Wasn't he?"

Paithan laughed. " No." She went silent. Sheena looked at her, she didn't believe it. " Not really." Sheena smiled. " He was a very big part, but Jonathan brought it upon himself. He wasn't there, never there.

It wasn't important anymore. " Sheena gave her a sad look.

" I'm sorry Paithan."

" Please don't let it upset you. Its over now, there's no need to dwell on it." Paithan said as she pulled the covers over her legs and up to her shoulders. She laid back and put her hands behind her head. A large sigh escaped her lips and she closed her eyes

Sheena stared down at Paithan; she looked so different now, so thin so white. But it wasn't just that Sheena wanted to know why Paithanchad such a haunted look in her eyes when ever she looked at her.

" It's so quiet, I could sleep forever." Paithan mumbled.

" Believe me it won't last, just wait until Kin and Coren decide to get a midnight snack." Sheena said with a light chuckle.

" So tired..." Paithan rolled over and in a couple minutes she was asleep.

" Good night...." Sheena said as she looked over at Paithan sadly. She sat up and listened for a second and then she got up, turned off the light and quietly snuck out of the room.


" Pass the mustard." Coren said to kin and he was placing meat onto his bread.


" Kin?" Coren said, he slammed his fist down on the counter and scared Kin.

" What Coren, sorry I didn't hear what you said. What did you say?" Kin said he was smiling and trying to act as if nothing had distracted him, nothing important that is. Coren knew better.

" Thinking of Paithan?"

Kin was shocked. He stared up at Coren, who returned his gaze. " What? No! Why would I?"

Coren smiled and gave a small chuckle. " Because you still love her."

" You're very straight and to the point aren't you?"

" We've known each other since we were kids."

" We were kids then."

" Yeah! But we all learn things about each other! I can tell she still loves you to, I know that mush about her." Coren said he reached over to the mustard and shook it.

" How can you tell that...?" Kin said.

" Easily I've seen it to." Sheena came strolling in. She went up behind Coren and wrapped her arms around him. " Miss me."

Coren opened up the mustard and squeezed it on his sandwich." Very much my love." He felt Sheena's arms tightened around him and he smiled. Kin frowned and turned his head away. He reached over for a slice of cheese, and bit into it.

" Its true Kin I have seen it. I've even heard her proclaim it!" Sheena said with a grin as she reached over for Corens sandwich.

" Hey." Coren reached for it but Sheena beat him, she took a great big bite out of it. " Ah! Come on Sheena that's mine." Sheena laughed with a full mouth, she took another bite and then handed it over to Coren. He stared at the half missing sandwich and whimpered.

" Why would she bother with me?" Kin said sharply.

" Because she loves you..." Both Coren and Sheena proclaimed simultaneously. Sheena had crumbs tumbling out of the side of her mouth as she swallowed down the sandwich. Coren poked at his half-eaten sandwich took one look at Sheena's overflowing mouth and put it down.

Kin was staring at them in shock. " How can you say this to me and act as if it's nothing?"

" Kin its nothing new, of course she loves you or are you just to blind to see it?"

Kin placed his hands to his ears. " Stop this foolishness don't you realize the reality of all this, or am' I the only who sees it all, if she loved me so much, why did she end up with Jonathan." Kin's fist slammed on the table and then he stormed out of the room. Coren and Sheena heard his door slam shut and an awful silence echoed the hallway.

" What's his problem?" Coren stretched. "Paithan may have been with Jonathan but she's here for him now. Isn't that what counts, the fact that she's always loved him and now she back. They have another chance."

" I don't think he wants to accept it, he doesn't want to believe it... because he doesn't want to hurt Paithan again." Sheena said, she reached for Corens sandwich and took a bite.

" Paithan sure fell asleep fast. She must have been really tired."

" Yes she was, its like she hasn't slept in days. And there's something else!"

" What's that." Coren turned to look at Sheena.

" She seems afraid of me." Sheena sat down on Kin's chair. " I didn't mention it before, Kin already has enough on his mind."

Coren was staring at her in shock. " Why would Paithan be afraid of you?"

Sheena shook her head and sighed. " I'm not even sure if it's that, she could also be afraid for me!" Sheena rubbed her temple. She was getting a headache.

" I don't think I understand?"

Sheena's head began to ache. " Never mind Coren it's probably just my imagination." She yawned. " I going to bed."

Coren was looking at her in concern, " Are you all right?"

Sheena covered her pain with a grin she laughed and kissed Coren on the cheek. " Go see if Kin's all right!"

She made way to the door. " Goodnight lover boy!" She smiled and walked out. As soon as she was out of sight she closed her eyes and slammed her hands to her temples. " Get out of my head!" Sheena keeled over and everything went black.


" It's about time you decided to join me!"

Sheena was in total darkness, her body felt cold and she felt trapped. She recognized the voice but couldn't place a face or name to it. She had to wait till her head cleared up.

" Well aren't you going to say anything?" The voice said sternly.

" What would you have me say?" Sheena's eyesight was misty but she was making out a figure of a man standing before her,

" How about hello?"

" I prefer where the hell am I?"

" You just answered your own question!" The man laughed. Sheena wasn't surprised, she placed a face to the voice, and it was Hades.

" What do you want Hades."

" You were wondering about Paithan, I have your answers!"

Sheena's eyes focused, sure enough it was Hades standing majestically before her, and even though his beauty she couldn't help loath him.

" What about Paithan?"

" I know what's bugging her!"

Sheena sighed. " Hades I have no time for your games..."

" This is no game." Hades hollered he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her near. " Paithan was sent to murder you."

Sheena was in shock, she stared up at Hades attempting to see any mockery, any playfulness in his eyes, showing that he was lying, anything would have done. She saw nothing, and the cold hard fact of it seeped though her body like the deadliest poison. She went limp and held her head low. " Your lying..." she felt a cry attempting to escape her lips, she bit her lip. " You have to be..."

" Sheena would I lie?" His face was a plain and smooth as china, his face gave nothing away." Why would she do that?"

" Jonathan told her to, he threatened to kill her if she didn't, she had no choice." Hades face went calm he drew Sheena near. " That's why I am here so you will know, so you can stop her."

" Yes stop her. I can talk to her and take care of her, Jonathan will never touch her."

" That won't do." Hades voice went harsh. " He is controlling her. The only way to stop her is to KILL her."

Sheena sobbed inwardly. " I can't!"

" Yes you can, you will free her. Would you rather have her alive and controlled. She'd have no freewill, no life. Would you deny her peace because of your love for her."

" I... I don't know."

" Well you better decide soon enough, or you will be the one dead. And she will forever be controlled." Hades whispered into her ear." Only you can free her!"

She felt the dark enveloping her again and then a hot piercing heat burn though her body and she shook. " What will I do?" She whispered. And then everything went blank.


" She won't wake up."

Sheena heard Coren yell. She felt woozy and her eyes felt like lead.

" Pick her up and put her in her room." Kin said to Coren. Sheena felt strong arms wrap around her body, which she was sure, she must feel more than dead weight in his arms. She felt Corens soft long hair rub up against her face and she got the urge to just wrap her arms around his shoulders and kiss the life out of him. She wanted to, but she couldn't. She was paralyzed, she knew what was going on yet couldn't react to any of it. In the back of her head she felt a cold shock run up the back of her spine.

" What was that?" Confusion ran through her and that's when the pain hit. Every muscle, every organ, her skin, her eyes, her lungs all felt as if they were burning, not together but individually each with they're own pain. She gasped for air and found none, she tried to scream, she couldn't, she tried to move but didn't.

"HELP...." Her mind screamed out to anyone who could hear. This was her last chance, before she passed out.

" Sheena!" Paithan woke with a start, what had she heard, her head was throbbing. She looked around the room, it was still night yet the room was empty and she heard voices outside the door. Paithan rubbed the sleep from her eyes fixed her pajama top she stumbled through the darkness towards the door. She reached blindly towards the door and stumbled backwards when Kin threw it open.

" Paithan?" Kin looked down at Paithan who was looking at him with the most dumfounded expression he had ever seen. Her hair was tangled and hung wildly around her face. Kin couldn't help think of what Coren and Sheena had said, about love. But he quickly shook it from his head and stepped aside for Coren to enter with Sheena in his arms. The usually calm and composed Coren was shaking and stumbled forward in a nervous race to help Sheena and find his way through the dark in the same time.

" Sheena?" Paithan stood up and rushed to her friend's side. " What's wrong with her?" She looked up at Coren who was to busy getting Sheena to the bed to answer her. She turned to Kin. He shook his head and walked over to Coren's side.

" She's all warm, her skin feels like its burning." Coren had his hand on her forehead. Paithan walked over and looked down at Sheena. She was quiet and stared intently down at Sheena.

" What...What is it?"

" Quiet!" Paithan said sternly. She lowered her head down to Sheena's lips and listened. " She's not breathing!"

" What?" Coren said in shock.

" Her bodies warm." Paithan pushed her hand under Sheena's back and let it rest there for a moment. " Her spine was cold, as well as her neck."

" What's that's supposed to mean."

Paithan turned to Coren with no expression on her face. " It means she's in shock!"

" Shock from what?" Kin said staring intently at Paithan. Paithan rubbed the back of her neck and groaned.

" From the only thing that would cause a reaction like this. Sheena was in the underworld!"

Coren looked at Paithan questionably. " But how? Why? You never got like this when you went there..." Without him noticing Corens voice had risen to a yell and he was looming over Paithan.

" Yes I did, you just never saw it. It only happens the first time you leave there and since I come and go from there often, I will never have it happen t me again. But Sheena on the other hand had never been there before and therefore when she left." She looked down at Sheena and sighed. Sheena what the hell were you doing in Hades?

" What can we do?" Kin said. He held Corens shoulder.

" Nothing..." Paithan lowered her head and sighed.

" Nothing..." Coren whispered. " NOTHING, of course there's something you can do Paithan." Coren was screaming he grabbed Paithans shoulders and shook her violently. At any other time Coren would have bee terrified to do this to Paithan, in case he broke her thin body in half, but he couldn't contain himself, he was wild yet she was so calm.

" Coren stop it!" Kin screamed he pulled Coren back and held him firmly there. He was able to stop Corens attack, but not his yelling.

" You got better Paithan, how? Help her!"

" I can't!" Paithan was shaking. She had never expected such a violent attack from Coren. Never!

" But you got better Paithan! You said you had it! You got better!" Corens voice was almost a whisper.

" Jonathan had been the one who saved me!" Paithan looked up at Coren and Kin, who were looking at her in mixed expressions. " Without him I would have died. And without him, Sheena will die."


" I can't believe that girl, after all I've given her. All that love! What did I ever do?" Jonathan lay wearily on his bed! It felt empty. " Paithan how can I get you to forgive me?" His head was low and his hair tickled the front of his face. He had be furious, and ended up making a fool of himself in front of Paithan. " What did I do that for!" He fell back onto the bed and held his hands up to his face. " What good is being Death, when you're more alone than the spirits." His hands fell to his side and a sigh escaped his lips.

" Jonathan, I need your help!"

Jonathan's eyes opened wide and he sat up. " What was that?"

" Jonathan Please?"

It was Paithan. She was calling to him, calling for help! What could it be? He stood up and stretched. " It's worth a shot."

Jonathan mumbled a word and disappeared, leaving a cold chill in the room.


"Paithan, never mind that scum, we can do this without him." Kin pulled Paithan from her crouch and knocked her out of concentration.

" Kin?" She looked at him shocked. " What did you do that for?"

" We don't need him. We never did!" Kin turned to Coren who was sitting holding Sheena in his arms. He also agreed with Kin. Paithan was appalled. Jonathan could save Sheena, and he would if Paithan talked to him. He would if they would let her talk to him. She looked up at Kin and saw that his eyes were focused on Sheena.

I have to help her! Paithan sighed. She was weary and her muscles had tightened in her back causing a new sore each position she moved to. She stared over at Sheena and suddenly felt ashamed. Who cares about my back, Sheena needs my help. If they won't let me contact Jonathan here I do it away from them. Paithan stood up and without a word headed for the door. Coren and Kin's eyes were instantly on her.

" Paithan were are you going?" Kin asked Paithan. Paithan was leaving the room, Why?

" I need water...." Paithan said in a low emotionless voice as she stepped out of the room. Kin looked over at Coren. Coren shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

" I don't know Kin. What do you think it is?"

" I wish I knew Coren. Once I would have instantly, but that was long ago. Know she's just a mystery to me." Kin sighed and brushed his hand through his tangled red hair. He looked over at Sheena.

" What do we do know Sheena?"

" Jonathan I need your help!" Paithan leaned up against a wall in the hallway and let herself slowly fall to the floor. Suddenly Paithan felt a chill. She looked up and found Jonathan's green eyes staring intently into hers. She was about to smile when she noticed the solid emotionless look on his face, he was looking at her as if he was higher than she was and for this moment she let him believe that.

" You asked me here Paithan, what is it you want?" His voice had no compassion and was cold, she knew she deserved it and even though she didn't love this man, it hurt. It was her fault and she had to accept that, she just had to keep in mind all that he had done to her. She needed his help but that didn't mean she needed his love.

" I...we need your help Jonathan!" She looked at him. Her voice was calm even though her stomach was turning. He said nothing, though his eyes never moved from hers. Paithan fidgeted on the floor. She heard Jonathan sigh and he crouched down before her.

" What is it Paithan?" His voice was a little less iron sharp but still cold. Paithan turned her head away from him and looked down the hall to a door, the door she had left.

" Sheena is in trouble." She didn't turn to look at him. " She's gone into shock, the same as when I first left the underworld..." Her voice was a whisper, but that didn't matter Jonathan heard it all.

" Is that it. You summoned me to save Sheena." Jonathan almost screamed. He paced down the hall to the door, but before he could have turned into the room he turned back, and paced back to Paithan. He continued to do this all the while Paithan remained quiet. " You want me to save her?"

Jonathan was enraged, Paithan wanted him so that he could help a person who hated him, a person who wished him unwell. He suddenly hollered at Paithan. " You ask me to save such a pathetic excuse of a living being!" Paithan cringed back as if she had just received a blow.

"What was that?" Paithan heard Kin's voice in the room; he was heading this way. If he saw Jonathan here and with her that would mean trouble. Unless he said he'd help. Paithan looked up and Jonathan pleadingly." Please Jonathan..."

Jonathan looked down at her and then at the door where he knew any second Kin would be stepping out. As much as he'd love to gut Kin from head to foot, he decided that now wasn't the time. And if he were to win Paithan back that would not be the best way to get her attention. " I will Paithan, for a price." His voice was calm. If he wanted her back he'd have to start by owning a bit of her as well, so then she could never leave again. " Paithan if I were to help Sheena, you have to give something up."

Paithan looked up at him confused, she hadn't expected this." Give up exactly what?"

" You will have to give me your..."

" What the hell is he doing here?" Kin yelled, he ran out of the room and stood protectively in front of Paithan. " Leave Paithan alone."

" That is the last thing I would do Kin!" He said Kin's name in a growl. " Especially when it involves leaving her here with you." He snorted and turned to Paithan. " Do you want my help or not?"

Paithan looked to Kin who's whole body stood protectively before her, she then looked back at Jonathan. " Yes Jonathan." She stood up. " I... we need your help!"

A broad smile swept onto his face and he stared a Kin with triumph. Kin had gone white and he stared at Paithan in disgust. Paithan didn't even look at Kin, she new if she did she wouldn't be able to handle it. She felt a cold chill in the air, but thought nothing of it, she knew that Kin was mad and right now she had to face him. She gulped and lowered her eyes. Painfully and forcefully Kin grabbed her shoulder and turned her around to face him.

"We don't need his help, we never did." Kin screamed at Paithan her face was blank and her eyes were lowered from his. "What did you think you were doing?" Paithan stepped back, Kin's breath was in short harsh gasped, he was enraged beyond anything she had seen before and a shudder went up her spine as she looked up at him. She turned to Jonathan for help, but found him gone. Her eyes went wide. "Were was he?"

"Paithan!" Paithan turned to face Kin dreading the look she would see in his eyes. His eyes were dark and uncaring and his wild red hair hung wildly around his face. If it had been another place and with different circumstances she would have thrown her arms around him and kissed him. But right now, now she just wanted to run. Kin's eyes though kept her locked in place and she couldn't run she raised her head and awaited the onslaught.


Coren sat alone, his arms wrapped protectively around Sheena as he stared around blankly. Nothing made sense to him; this was to messed up. He was angry, no he was furious. Were the hell was Kin? Something must have gone wrong. The yelling before that they had heard was not Paithans, though it sounded strangely familiar. "Kin had a look of shock and hurt when he heard the voices, he must have known who it was. And maybe if he hadn't stormed out and left me here I would have known as well." But now there was no yelling, only silence.

He stared down at Sheena, some of his blond hair fell from its hold behind his ear, it tumbled down and rested on her neck, still no breathing. Her body was burning, almost as if she was on fire, yet there were no flames. Corens skin tingled when he applied even the lightest touch to her skin. He shook with the inner rage of not being able to touch her. Not being able to even wipe the sweat from her face with his hand. The coldness on her spine had scared him; it was the proof, the main proof that Paithan was right. How could this have happened? Coren knew she wasn't lying about Jonathan saving Sheena, but what if there was another way? Then mere thought of Jonathan touching his wife increased his rage; he would never allow it. Even though he chose not to except it. It had made no sense to him, why would Sheena have been in the under world?

With a sudden gust of cold air a shape, a man, appeared in front of him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Coren screamed his body shook with rage as he stood up and stood protectively in front of Sheena. He had agreed on nothing, he never said Jonathan could go anywhere near Sheena. Where the hell was Kin?

Jonathan laughed. " You and Kin both amuse me, you stand protectively in front of women who are in need my help." Jonathan stared down at Sheena. Not even turning to look at Coren he waved his arm and mumbled a word. Coren disappeared without a word and with out even a chance to react.

Jonathan was now alone with a woman who hated him to the core. His eyes stared down at Sheena and he sighed. His face turning briefly to a smile, as he pulled a dagger from the folds of his robe, and walked over.


" Kin what? What are you so mad about..." Paithan was pressed up against the wall. The cold marble adding a soothing feel against her aching muscles, its too bad she couldn't enjoy it, or even notice it for that matter. Kin was looking at her with pain in his eyes. He was trembling as he loomed over her. His hair was wild around his face clinging to parts were sweat had started.

"What am' I so mad about?" His voice was a mocked tone. "How about the fact that you just sent such a evil, disgusting person to help Sheena." His mind was racing with thoughts.

"He can save her life." Paithan screamed in response. She had to make him understand that she did it for Sheena's sake. To save her. Because there was no other way. Unless they wanted her to die, Jonathan was their only hope. A slight thought of what Hades had said about what she had to do flashed in her head, but she pushed it aside. She hadn't even decided if she was even going to go through with his task.

Kin stared at her. " How can we trust him?" His fist collided with the marble wall, Paithan heard a very large crack come from his hand but he made no face. "How can you trust him?"

Paithan couldn't respond, how could she answer that. Without telling him what she gave up.
A gust of cold air surrounded them and Coren appeared out of nowhere. He landed on the floor with a thud, and stared around confused.

"What the hell is going on." Coren screamed as he pulled himself up. His hair hung wildly around him and his green eyes stared questionably at Paithan. Kin looked at him confused and shook his head.

"I wish I knew Coren, god dammit I wish I knew." Kin turned to look at Paithan. Paithan was staring at the door; her face set in concentration. Kin looked down at Coren who had just noticed Paithans look.

"Paithan what did you do?" He reached for Paithans shoulder. Before he could reach her Paithan moved from his grasp and to the door, she tried the handle. It wasn't locked. Turning it she looked at Kin and Coren and motioned for them to follow. Paithan opened the door and they stepped through, and what they saw on the other side was not what they expected.


Jonathan knife in hand was sitting over Sheena's still body, blood was running from the sides of her face and her eyes had been pried open. Jonathan with his knife raised was sweating; blood was running of the knife and down his hand. He was chanting in Noncrean, his eyes were open yet they pure white. The words were mumbled so that even Paithan couldn't make them out.

" What the hell is he doing to my WIFE?" Coren screamed. Paithan quickly grabbed his shoulders and stopped his mad rampage towards Jonathan.

"If you stop him now, you could cause the spell to be disrupted."

Coren roughly pulled his arm from Paithan. He stared her in disbelief. "If she dies Paithan, its all your fault." He turned from her and faced Kin. They exchanged glances but said no words.

Paithan was shaking, her body was racked with pain and tears threatened to escape her eyes. This wasn't how she had planed to spend her reunion with these people. It wasn't her fault, she called Jonathan to save Sheena, couldn't they understand that simple aspect, or were there minds to clouded by hate for the man that they couldn't think reasonably. She stumbled over to a chair and sat down, her head fell between her hands. White hair tumbled wildly off her shoulders and caressed her face, she moaned with inner pain and she rocked back and forth. This had been why she left, to get away from all the blame and accusations to just be happy. She hadn't even been here a day and already her life was falling apart, was this the way it was always meant to be? Anger swept over her as she looked up and saw Kin and Coren staring at her their faces contorted with the strangest looks, she didn't know if it was hate or pity. She couldn't handle it anymore. She stood up and without a second thought or word marched towards the two. Her hand collided with Coren's chest before he could react, he went tumbling backwards in a fit of shock and a blond river of hair. He stared at her with shock; he was a mangled mess on the floor, a mockery of his moment before dignity. She then turned and her fist collided with Kin's jaw and instant later, in shock and pain as he stumbled backwards. They both stared at Paithan in disbelief, which she thought was an improvement from their last facial expression.

" I'm sick and tired of both of your bullshit, what are you children or men?" She stared at both of them. Her voice steadily rising. They stared at her wide-eyed not knowing how to react.

"You both better stop acting like fucking children and start using your brains. I've had enough of this I don't care what the hells your damn reasons are for acting like this. Never ever take it out on me!" Her eyes narrowed and she screamed at them. "DO YOU WANT SHEENA TO DIE?"

They both shook their heads in response. Coren more exasperated than Kin. "No! That's the last thing we want Paithan." Coren said in return with pain in his voice.

Paithan stared at them with mock belief. "Oh really, know that's a surprise to me, because when I stare at the two of you all I see is two gutless men. You refuse to get the only help that could save Sheena's life. And you think that is justified by your hatred for that man!" She pointed to Jonathan without looking at him. "I'm not going to take your shit, I will not let Sheena die...I will not allow her to just..." Paithan trailed of. Smart Paithan you get al righteous, screaming about Sheena's life, when you were sent here in the fist place to kill her. Paithan slumped to the floor weary. Kin looked as though he would have gone to her side to comfort her, only for a second though. He regained his composer and went over to Coren and sighed. They both kept their mouths shut though. To Paithan's surprise. She turned from them and stared at Jonathan. He was hunched over in concentration, sweat pouring down his face. She eyed him curiously. "So this is what you had to do for me!" Her face softened. "Well don't worry Jonathan you'll never have to do this again!"


Sheena screamed at the darkness. Screamed at the pain ripping through her body. She fought to draw breath through her lungs, but the motion never came. She was drowning in a sea of blood in a storm of pain.

"What was going on?" This question raced over and over in her head.

She didn't understand how just speaking to a man could cause this, even if the man was Hades. Hades, she cursed the name, it was his entire fault. Had he lied to her, that she didn't know, she knew the man would lie to her. Put she couldn't put past the thought that this time he wasn't. He always did get pleasure from her pain. Her mind drifted back to past memories, anything to momentarily pass the pain. These memories drew her back to a time before all this. Or as she preferred to label it; before this lifetime.

Sheena had been alive for so long, that she had decided long ago that she would label her life and different lifetimes, since she always stared a life and ended it a completely different person. She couldn't remember what she had labeled that lifetime as, for it was such a long time ago.

She pondered a moment, slightly distracted by the pain. Perhaps she could call it a time of realization, a time when she had once been so young and nieve that she had thought the universe hers. A time when she had flown free as a flaming phoenix through the cosmos and time. Realization was a good phrase for it she decided, because she had had grown up to quickly and almost forcefully after that lifetime.

~Dreaming! Something she did quite often recently. She soared majestically through space, flames surrounding her like a warm haven of heat, and she was one with herself, a soaring phoenix. Nothing was of concern for her. Even the passing distortions of a dying stars super nova caused nothing but a tiered glance towards. Its dying screamed did nothing to her.

Once she thought it had brought her great anguish to hear it. That had been not so long ago, yet an eternity away. That was before she came upon a man that had changed her. Their very first meeting had changed her. She was so compelled to be with him, drawn to his very essence that she felt nothing could stand in her way. It was that sense of freedom or perhaps total lack of fear that drew her to the only man that had ever compelled her to rebel. His name was Septh or Death, as others would call him. And though he was the deliverer of the end Sheena felt drawn to him.


Sheena stopped her daydreaming and stared around at the empty space. "Wha?"

"Sheena?" The voice called soothingly.

"Who?" She turned and stared behind, though she knew that staring into deep black space she could miss anything, she continued to peer.

"Sheena come to me?"

Sheena had a second to react before a beam of white blinding light enveloped her. A second was not long enough for her to put up any defenses and next thing she knew she was standing in a pitch black space with only one light, and the light was a fair distance away. She stared around and felt annoyed by being disturbed from her exploits. She growled to herself as she marched for the white light. ~

Pain. It tore through her body with no remorse or regret, she was trapped. She gasped for breath and still found none. She would have shook with rage had she control of her body. "I don't believe this!" never before had she felt so helpless so ...so weak. She cried with inner rage. And then as suddenly as it began the pain dispersed. She drew breath and it was the most wonderful sensation in the world to her at this moment. She tried to move but a weighed on her chest denied her. She moaned in annoyance. Am I still paralyzed? She squirmed. With great effort she opened her eyes and what she saw what the last thing she would have expected.


He breathed deeply as he forced his way into her mind, pushing past all the barriers she had ever so carefully placed. Years of techniques in telepathy, she was skilled but Jonathan only went where he needed, he was skilled as well and knew tricks of his own. Though he was amazed of what was hidden in the mind of the immortal Sheena. So much strength, yet there was the hint of fear, so deeply hidden he almost missed it. He was almost tempted to dwell deeper, to know the fears of Sheena. It would give him a hold on Sheena that even she couldn't escape from. But that would come later, he schemed but that would only happen if she remained alive, if he could keep her alive. Pushing himself away from her fears Jonathan dug deeper.

He needed to find the block. The residue that remained when she left the underworld. Physically it was her lower neck, but that didn't mean the block was there in her mind. He was running out of time.

This residue only happened to those first leaving the underworld without the aid or assistance of himself or Hades. Immortals have always been allowed to wander freely in Hades, but leaving that was another story. Hades was the underworld; the last stop for those mortals, since immortals were immortal death was a laugh to them. And the treated the underworld as such. The block was created as a way of getting the immortals back. The block of course wouldn't kill them, but it would leave them incapacitated until himself or Hades came along to help. And it normally would be a long wait. Normally, but this was an exception.

He was doing this for Paithan, if he could draw her back to him.

"No" he cursed to himself. He needed to concentrate thinking of her would only make matters harder for him. "Sheena is my concern know. Nothing else." He sighed and dug deeper.


Being torn from the dreamworld and into the darkness filled with pain Sheena almost longed to return to the sweep oblivion she was in. What had brought her back? Or who had brought her back?

A wave of nausea hit as Sheena tried to open her eyes. Her sight was blurred and her head rocked back and forth feeling as heavy as stone. She felt pain fierce and overpowering and yet she was glad for it, the pain gave her the sense of feeling alive. She felt pain; she was alive.

What going on? She knew someone was in her head, probing and repairing the damage from her collapse. Struggling to move, breathe and open her eyes all at once she felt annoyance and frustration but the pain made her take her time.

Suddenly she lurched forward as a wave of piecing cold crawled up her body enveloping her skin and sending tingling sensations throughout her. Inside she felt as though she was on fire, and that there was no release like the phoenix inside was trying to tear out of her body to rip through her very flesh and be set free. She bit her lips to restrain a cry. Yet still forced her eyes to focus.

Breathing in strained gasped she focused and the sight of Jonathan's overpowering green eyes looming over her. He was kneeling forward about to collapse as sweat and blood flowed down his face. Sheena was taken back by the vision, this was the last thing that she had expected on being pulled from her death.

" Get off of me!" was all Sheena could say and even then it came out as a whisper. She didn't know if Jonathan had heard her or it was just happened but Jonathan slumped to the side and fell from her line of vision. Still too weak to move Sheena strained to hear and focus on her surroundings, She was relieved to find that she was still at home in the Nexus in her bed. But her hearing was still muted she could hear muffled words and voices but where they came from and from who she could not make out.

Weariness flowed through her like a warm blanket and without any restraint Sheena submitted to the weariness and fell to sleep.


"SHEENA!" Coren yelled as he ran over to Sheena.

Paithan watched it all as she sat there. When Sheena lurched forward she didn't feel the need top run to her, she knew there was nothing that she could do. Even when Jonathan slumped off the side off the bed still bleeding and sweating and barely breathing she still didn't move. She couldn't. She felt empty inside as though there was no reason for her to intervene. She just stared expressionless and without moving as Sheena passed into sleep and Jonathan began to rise.

Coren though had run to his wife and after holding her and making sure she was still alive he refused to move from her side. He stared at Sheena, thinking. Kin was there as well he was there almost as quickly as Coren but stopped to stare down at Jonathan with a mixed expression. Would he thank Jonathan later on? Would he accept the fact that that man had saved the life of a woman he called sister.

Kin had no siblings and being immortal had lost his family decades ago, Sheena and Coren were the only family he had left. Perhaps he still considered her family or was she just a woman that had once been a lover and now could never be anything but a painful memory?

After Jonathan had pulled himself up, he leaned forward and coughed, gagging slightly on the air flowing into his lungs. He looked over at Paithan, and though he felt weary he smiled at her. A smile that Paithan did not like. He wanted his payment, and though she had agreed on anything she wished she hadn't. What would he ask from her?

Paithan stood up and walked over to Sheena. Coren turned to look at her. The anger that had burned in his eyes earlier was all but replaced with joy. He smiled at her and nodded his head in thanks. All Paithan could think about though was the smile from Jonathan and it sent a chill up her spine.

Paithan sat on the side of the bed and straitened her pajamas. She stared down at her feet and sighed.

"Thank you Paithan!" Kin said silently, but she heard it. She turned to look at him and nodded. He was still mad, she knew it. But she didn't care, enough childish behavior she was fed up with everything. All she had wanted was peace and quiet and all she had gotten was pain and chaos. She wanted to sleep and she wanted to forget everything and just sleep. She closed her eyes and leaned back.

"Paithan?" Jonathan said as he stared up at her.

"Mmm Hmm!" She said and tried to half pay attention. If only she could sleep.

"Could I speak with you for a moment?" His voice was stern. And it was more of a command than a request.

"I quit!" Was all Paithan said in response. She remained seated and avoided looking at him.

"You what?" Jonathan was confused. "You are obligated to me Paithan despite whether you wish it or not. We had a deal set and despite what you may say you are to follow out with your promise."

"Do you want to know what I think about all this Jonathan?" Paithan opened her eyes and stared over at him expressionless.

"Paithan what are you talking about? What promise?" Kin asked leaning over to grab Paithan's arm.

"What you think about all this? I don't give a damn what you think about all this! What you have to say is no longer your right. You are to answer me and obey me when I command it. That was your promise. You are my slave Paithan Mountbank!" His voice was commanding and he looked at her with no play in his eyes. This was the deal he had set and this is what she had promised.

Paithan fell back in laughter. To the shock of everyone in the room.

Jonathan fumed, and stood up. He reached over to Paithan and forcefully pulled her off the bed and up against him. Paithan remained laughing. Kin stood up and was about to attack Jonathan when Paithan spoke.

"You have no idea Jonathan! No fucking idea! You think that everything revolves around you and now with this slave idea can make it. I will not be your slave Jonathan, I am already the slave of a more powerful man." She stopped laughing and pulled her arm from his grip. "All you men seem to think of me as a play thing, something that you can control. But you seem to realize that I volunteered to help in Hades and with that I could also choose not to. I will not be commanded by either god nor man. I will not be a slave to those who are blinded by there own petty desires." She leered at Jonathan "Or lusts!" She stepped back and faced Kin. "I have many things that I regret in my life and many things I do not, but I will not make a mistake when it comes to the life of a friend for the rule of a God." She walked over to Sheena.

Coren stared at her in shock; never before had he seen so much fire and passion in Paithan's voice. Slave? To whom and for what purpose? "Paithan I don't understand?"

Paithan looked at him softly and smiled. "Its okay Coren just take care of your wife your fears have been subsided but promise me something?"

Coren looked at her and nodded. "Anything."

" If ever I raise a blade to Sheena or any form of lethal magic, promise me you will not hesitate to cut me down!" He voice was low so that only Coren could hear her. His eyes went wide with shock and he stared without answering her.

" Pleas Coren, you will understand if ever the time comes. Please. I can't ask Kin I know he wouldn't and the same with Jonathan but you I have known the longest and you I know would if I came to it, Coren I am begging you." She stared at him; he had to agree, or else all would be lost.

Coren continued to stare and gape but he sighed. "I trust in you Paithan to do what ever it is you need to so that day never comes. But I also trust you do set up protection for those you love when it cannot be helped, and if I do understand why and if it is to protect Sheena I shall. Though I don't understand, I shall promise you!"

Paithan gave him a huge smile. "Thank you Coren you have just made my day." He looked at her with mixed emotions. "Your welcome... I guess!" he stared down at Sheena and sighed.

" Coren you stay with Sheena the rest of the night." She smiled and began to leave the room.

"Paithan what are you...?" Paithan shoved Kin and Jonathan out towards the door. Let them rest they have had enough strain for one night. And with that she shoved them into the hall and shut the door behind her.


"Paithan what is going on?" Kin said with a sigh. He was tired to though Paithan gave him a smile. "Shhh!" She placed her finger over his mouth and gave him a wink. "Later." Kin's faced flushed and he stared at her in awe.

Jonathan fumed. "Paithan, you don't seem to understand. You are mine, not anyone else's you will not be doing anything with that man, know or ever.

"Jonathan! Go home!" Paithan was stern. "It's late. I appreciate everything but this matter will be discussed tomorrow once everyone has had a good nights sleep." Softly this time almost pleading. "Please. we will sort this out later, now I just want to sleep." She pouted and sagged slightly.

Jonathan sighed in defeat. "Very well. But tomorrow we talk." And with that he disappeared.

"Paithan what's going on." Kin slumped along the wall and stared at her.

"Not here Kin!" Paithan said with a grin. "I'll tell you what I can, but not here, and not now." She sauntered over to him and ran her hand through his hair.

"I'm not afraid to tell you how I feel Kin. And the truth is I want to be near you, with you!" She pressed herself up against him. Kin trembled beneath her. She gave him a sigh and then pulling herself away, gave him a smile. "Goodnight Kin!" She said as she turned to go down the hall.

"What?" Kin stood up and gapped at her. "But...but... I thought?" He rubbed his head and then shook it. "Never mind Paithan. Goodnight to you to... I guess!'' He turned to go to his room. "But wait. Where are you going to sleep?"

Paithan turned at him and laughed. "It's a bloody castle Kin I'm sure that there are lots of empty guest rooms!"

"Yeah but..." Kin laughed. "By the time you find one the night will be over it's like you said it a bloody castle, a bloody big one."

Paithan laughed. " That's alright I'm a big girl. You get to bed and I'll see you in the morning."

With a sigh of defeat Kin turned to his room. "Sweet dreams Paithan, I'll see you in the morning."

But when he turned for a response she was already down the hall and turning the corner. Her scent lingered in the air and on his clothes as she was pressed against him. Kin smiled. "You are one amazing woman Paithan." He walked into his room and laughed as he thought about what he was going to do tomorrow.


Wandering the halls in kind of a stupor Paithan was thinking about all that had just happened and about how she had acted. What has come over me she thought. She never before had ever raised her voice or acted in anyway demanding. She had forced control of the situation and everyone had let her. This sense of control gave her the courage to face Kin and tell him how she felt. Well not all of it, but damn close. She smiled at the thought of his face when she had pressed herself against him and the words that had spilled out of her mouth.

She stopped and stared around the hall. Everything was black some candles were still lit lightly illuminating the hall. Casting shadows everywhere. She felt at home in the dark. She had spent so long in the underworld that the thought of the sun and the bright sky tomorrow almost made her cry. She never realized how much she had missed it. She ran her hands through her hair as she stopped. She turned to look out of a large window beside her. The moons rays shone in and the stairs filled the sky. She stared and smiled this she had given up for some peace. Thinking that the dead would help ease her pain. They had not, what she had needed was to have been strong and stayed. She had left Kin alone to deal with the pain of their loss and yet she hadn't cared, what was his love for the child when she had held it in her womb for 9 months. She felt tears threatening to escape as she thought all this. No, I will not cry. I will be strong. Tearing herself away from the window she walked back into the darkness and continued her search. Too much still had to be done, what was she to do about Hades and Jonathan. She could talk to Kin and fixed the hole torn between them and she could reason with Jonathan and make him al but forget this absurd deal but Hades... What could she do against the god of the underworld? And what had Sheena been doing there? So many questions she would ask tomorrow but many she would wait. Wait and see what the outcome is, before she asked what she suspected.

But that would all have to wait, she had to find a place to sleep tonight. Continuing her search she pondered about what she would say and what she would do tomorrow.

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