Dragon's LibraryThe Art of Being Entreri
by David Pontier

Artemis Entreri struggles to find out what his role is now that he has defeated his life-long enemy. This story takes place directly after Silent Blade and was written before Servant of the Shard came out.



Any and all comments are welcome, and I reply to all emails. Though I do not have any plans on writing stories to fill in the 20 year gap I have created, that is not to say that some day I won't. I do, however, have two more stories in the works including RAS characters, that I hope to complete within the next six months, while I continue to write in the SW universe. Hey, I might not be able to please everyone, but that doesnít mean I canít try. I hope this story has helped to fill the long wait between RAS novels, and I thank you for reading it.


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