Dragon's LibraryHollow Years
by Anya

A Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn/Dark Elf/Hellblazer crossover. John Constantine, after Rebel Heart, manages to get into trouble again. Waking up in a dungeon is not fun, and worst of all, there isn't a cigarette in sight... This follows the Baldur's Gate II plot, with JC as the main character.



Disclaimer: John Constantine belongs to Vertigo's Hellblazer. This story sort of continues loosely after 'Rebel Heart' from Seven Times of One, which was set even more loosely somewhere in the Hellblazer timeline. It's at least before the asylum bit by that new artist who doesn't give a fig about Constantine himself. That, in my opinion, has not existed and will not exist. There we go.

Briefly, in summary of the story before this, so far Constantine, before the Author decided to write him, was quite probably in that mess after Kit had left him - a homeless drunkard who wandered the more grimy streets of London, which means that all the events around 1994 don't exist either. However, in this case it appears that the degree of destituteness had not as yet reached the state that he could only steal alcohol, not enter pubs and such. Which means he hasn't faced the Vampire King.whatever. Why are we quibbling anyway? This is for my amusement.

After that, the fanfiction takes a mad tangent away from the actual plot. The Sandman Daniel, having to retrieve one of his [father's] stones from another world, enlisted Constantine's help, as the Dream King couldn't enter the fractured, magic-torn world of FR. Constantine, enjoying his own brand of magic, was the best candidate for the job - since Daniel did have something that John wanted - sanctuary in the Dreaming, where the First of the Fallen wouldn't be able to get to him.

There were a lot of adventures with rather familiar characters, then John completed his task and returned to the Dreaming, and eventually to his pub. There, he realized that the otherworldly, huge panther that was somehow a citizen of the Dreaming, tied to the stone, had accompanied him, and insisted on staying. Not one to argue with a creature who had bigger teeth and claws that he did, Constantine didn't object. As was normal, people possessing the ability to ignore that which just couldn't possibly be there, no one noticed a large panther tagging along behind a dirty drunkard, so it turned out quite all right.

Now to the story proper. Yes, as I'd hinted at last year, I'm writing a story that follows the plot of the second Baldur's Gate game - the Shadows of Amn. I won't be reusing the original characters. This time, I promise not to make it seem so easy. There's no too-powerful artifact now, anyway. Enjoy the story.

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