Dragon's LibraryMurder, Who Cares
by Anya

The author has decided to dabble in PI (Private Eye) writing, Dark Elf style. - Even in Menzoberranzan there are those who do investigate murder, the ragar noamuth.




The following story was a consequence of reading '[The Howdunit series] Private Eyes: a writer's guide to private investigators' by Hal Blythe, Charlie Sweet and John Landreth out of curiosity, boredom, and a vague urge to write something Sherlock Holmes. Oddly (or perhaps not oddly), it became dark elf.

No, that famous sleuth and his less than bright companion would not appear in the story.

I think.

Okay, okay. This would be 'pure' Dark elf. Knowing me, Zaknafein and Jarlaxle would appear sooner or later, but hopefully they wouldn't take over the storyline.

It's quite an interesting book, and I would recommend it for those who like reading widely (ie, taking whatever book in the library that happens to catch your eye), and after it I'm going to read the Armed and Dangerous: A writer's guide to weapons, of the same series. Hopefully there would be no stories about gun-toting elves. The series is funny (The Most Important Piece of Field Equipment: A wide mouthed bottle. Reason? Surveillance. Detectives can't move from their fixed position to use the powder room), interesting, and well, if you want to write PI fiction...

As to the title - well, there are lots of 'Murder, She Wrote' or 'M for Murder' etc series out there, so I decided to have a (more or less) unique name.

Now, it's 9pm, I have a current affairs test tomorrow, and hence I won't ramble anymore. Enjoy the story.

-Anya, off to see in a while what the heck is Kashmir.

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