Dragon's LibraryEscape from Hoth
by Ozzie Padilla





The largest planet in the Hoth system rotated slowly.

The white orb dwarfing its distant siblings in both size and majesty. Out of the many worlds of the system the great white giant was the furthest from the Hothian sun.

The planet named after the very sector of space it dwelled in, was a sphere of cold. A barren waste land that held little life, or substance. Winds that killed stirred about the winter caked land masses, with chilling intensity. At dusk the tempertures could reach below -100 degrees.

This made Hoth the perfect place to hide. It was secluded world, a place where no one could find you, a excellent place for the Rebellion, to hide and lick the wounds it had suffered, by Darth Vader, and his Imperial fleet. Hoth was secure; so the rebels went about creating a base of operation, in hopes of rebuilding their thinning supply lines. The gamble paid off some what. For six months they had seen no sign of imperial strength, or forces, until the meterors fell.

Meterors that weren't meterors at all, but Imperial spy droids of the latest fashion; which were able to skim across any surface and seek out their targets. These droids were good at their job, often known as k-booms, they had a lethal knock out mechanism, exploding if hit by blaster fire or anything short of a rock. These new droid were especially lethal. And they had found Tiefon the Rebel base.

The droids relayed their information to the Imperial fleet. It was only a matter of time that several Imperial Star-Destroyers ripped out of hyperdrive, and cruised into the Hoth system with their sub-light engines.


Adrmiral Tiass Fain Althen gazed at the white orb that spun slowly on its diagnal axsis. The seasoned warrior of countless star-fighter battles could count more than enough tie-fighters that swarmed about his Imperial star-destroyer Nemesis. He sighed wishing he could be out there in space flying, one of the newer Tie-Figher interceptors, that were just now coming of the line. Turning from the large vertical view screen,he walked down the long metallic gang plank, and gazed down at the bridge-pit that held all the the electronic and mechanical instrumentials to run the large v-shaped island. Tias smoothed back his black, greying hair and slowly abosrbed the image that played from one of the holo-computer ports. He could make out the several Imperial walkers, At-Ats, rumbling on slowly, doing battle with the rebels snowspeeders.

Crossing his hands, the tall Admiral walked out from the large bridge, toward the window and sighed at space. Tiass understood the ways of secrecy and swift attacks, but the fleets chances of surpirse had been scoundered away, by some fool commanding Darth Vaders' Flag ship Executor. The rebels had been alerted when the fleet had came out of hyper-drive to close to the Hoth system. If the Nemesis's instrumental were right, the rebels were already alerted to the fleet being at their very doorstep.

Tiass swung about, his heavy red cape flowing about his shoulders. Adjusting his grey navel cap, he watched as his first officer approached.

Greles Shivan, first officer of the Nemesis saluted. Greles was a tall man reaching about six feet two, his skin was a deep cocoa color, and hazel eyes glistned with enthusium, which Tiass often found amusing.

"My lord, we've recieved a communicae from Lord Vader. Its on Holo-Screen four." The first officer gestured to the command-pit. Tiass sneered, he hated talking to the emperor's lap-dog. More than once he had been under the scrutiny of the dark lord. He was more lucky to be alive, than those who dwelled on Vader's ship.

The Admiral gazed at the image of the dark, garbed Jedi master. Even in holo-communicates, Vader resembled a bad dream. Dressed all in black, and standing at least seven feet, Vader gave of the impression of death. His black mask, and wheezing breathing appartus easily made the dark lord all the more threatening. Tiass gave a brave face. He would not let Vader intimadate him.

"I sense your disturbance Admiral Althen," Vader voice resounded past the capabilities of the audio recivers. "Do not be. Althen it will be your responsiblity to secure this sector of space, take any craft and prisoners that come your way. I want them alive, no disintergrations,and do not fail me Admiral Althen. If you do... I will be most displeased, as will the emperor, and then your fear will be justified." Vader's robotic voice clicked off as the holo-screen went out.

Tais sighed again and adjusted the his black, command collar. Once again he walked over to the forward bridge window. For the last two years the emperor had entrusted the Imperial fleet to the dark lord, and in those years the rebels had been on the run. Tiass felt that the empire could not continue its winning ways forever. It was as if the powers of both Vader and the Emperor where changing the fates.

One of the few who knew what both the Emperor and Vader were, Tiass had made sure to stay far away. It was deadly buisness being around someone who could control the most destructive, power in the universe; the force. On numerous occasions, he had seen Vader suck the life out of a man by simply snuffing him out, like a blasting a Mynoock attached to a space frieghter.

On one occassion he had met, and did battle with one that used the force. It was during the battle of Adem Mandel, while he was flying his own custom Tie-fighter, he crossed hairs with a force-driven rebel, X-wing pilot. That one had been strong with the force, and Tias had barely escaped with his life. Not his sight. Blind after the incident due to electircal burns to the face. He was fitted with green opti-view eyes, which allowed him to see in all forms of hues and dimensions. It had given Tiass the nick-name, vizier, the all seeing.

Taiss gazed at Geles, and smiled. This time the rebellion would be crushed, and the alliance destroyed. Sweeping out his cloak he smiled.

"Prepare the fleet, for blockade. All Tie-fighters are to intercept, and disable, fleeing ships. If they must, they have orders to disintergrate."Tiass sneered. Vader be Damned , he thought. "I will be in my quarters if you need me." Tiass stormed off the bridge, red, cape matching his artificial eyes. Greles grinned, and went about his duties. Nemisis, the Imperial cruiser lurched, as the foward thrusters sent her toward Hoth and the Rebellion on the threshhold of escape.


The snow packed ground about Tiefon base erupted in a flashing array of orange and red. Sizzling rays of red and blue blaster fire erupted about the snowy land. Rebel troops ran for the very lives, as explosions were set off in front of them. In fear they raced, behind them they could see the large quad-legged machines of destruction. The Imperial Walkers, often known as At-Ats stalked the frozen lands, dealing out death were ever they turned. The metallic beast were twenty meters in length, and fifteen meter tall. They were incredibly armed, with shields that could reflect all types of blaster fire, short of a Imperial Cruiser. Four now slammed into the Rebels first line of defense.

Snowspeeder ripped through the crossfire, each sending shots of blaster fire toward the Imperial Walkers. It was like firing a blaster at a scaly hide of a Rancor, as the blaster fire bounced of the heavy shielding of the At-At. One Snowspeeder, from blue squadron came in low and fast, heading toward the legs. The pilot pumped several rounds of pure blaster fire into the metallic structure then veered off. He never noticed a shorter two legged version of the At-At moving swiftly his way. The At-St opened fire, and the Snowspeeder erupted in a shower of smoking metal and exploding grinding steel.

The Assult was on, as the Imperials pushed back the Rebels. Hoth main shield generators had been breached, and it was only time before, the elite guard of the empire landed, the snowtroopers were ready for the hunt.


Physia Shastar, gathered her cloths and stuffed them into her transport bag. She quickly picked up the holo, and video disc of the Rebel's main fleet and stuffed them in her heavy blue jacket. Being Mon Matha's secretary had its advantages and it's disadvantages.

One disadvantage, almost every day, she had to deal with laser and blaster fights, and since the woman she worked for was the Leader of the Rebellion, Physia found her life upturned constantly.

She had a gotten most of her gear ready, but she was already late for the last transport, which would be leaving in only a few moments. Making sure she had her Blaster by her side, she checked the gun, and made sure it was loaded and set on kill. She recognized the familiar hum, and picked up her transport bag. Moving toward the door, of her chamber, the portal swished open, and a silver, gray droid gazed at her perplexly.

"Madam, you are late. If we don't leave now there is a 0-to-1.000.000

chance we will not reach the next transport." Physia moaned, and tied her long raven black hair into bun. She then grabbed the 3po protocal droid down the destroyed corridors of Tiefon.

"I wish I had time to explain Veepio, but time is what we're losing." She hurried down one do the destoyed corridors. Another eruption shook the base and sent the women to the floor.

Physia wished she was back home on Syphon 4. She missed the cool rays of Syphon's red sun basking on her dark coco skin, and the warm red waters that cooled her after a hot day. Being on a frigid world, didn't constitute, a dream vaction offered by the Empire. Neither, being captured for having detailed battle plans, of the rebel fleet, from X-wing fighters, to Calamari battle cruisers. If the plans were to fall into enemy hands it would destroy what the rebels had fought so long for.

"Ma'am we are going the wrong way. The corridor to the right will lead us to the transport." Veepio said in a matter of fact manner. Physia whirled on the droid.

"Not now Veepio."she turned and ran down the right corridor as another explosion ripped down the left where both droid and assistant were heading.

"My what a explosion..." Veeepio cried as Physia tugged at her droids arm. "Mistress, do you know that your heading down toward docking bay seven." The droid chirped. "From there we have a better chance to reach the space transports beyond Tiefon." Physia whirled on Veepio.

"I Know!"

The Ambassador assistant hurried down the frozen corridor. She stopped at a snow white door, that had yellow and black markings. This door led to docking bay seven; just in time as well as she saw blaster fire richochet down a adjorning hallway.

"Looks like we've over stayed our welcome. Time to leave." She looked at her droid and entered. The door wooshed upon, and a blast of snow and wind trailed in before her. The hanger bay was large, fifty feet by twenty. Large enough to house several snowspeeders. Sliding her blaster from her leg holster, she quickly scanned the area. The bay was empty except for a few discarded, snowspeeder parts and some electronic wiring.

"Come on Veepio, we don't want to meet the guests." She smiled, and entered the bay. Veepio followed her, mechanical feet slapping hard against snow, as both human and droid raced across the large chamber.

In the distance they could see that the bay doors were open, probably to allow the snowspeeder access to move out. A cold wind whipped by, Physia's ear. It was coming from behind them, turning she could see several rebel soldiers running by, letting loose on their blasters. She saw red and blue tracer beam light up the hallway. One man went down to his knees and watched amazingly as blood gushed out of a blaster hole in his chest. Gripping her own blaster, she ran for her life; a moment later, the very ground she stepped on became alive with exploding rocks, as laser fire tore all about her.

Thre snowtroopers raced into the empty bay, and fired several short shots at the woman sprinting away with a protocol droid. They were five in all, each carrying heavy blaster guns set on stun.

Physia darted to the side as another round of orange and red blaster fire hit the surronding walls.

"Duck!" She cried out to Veepio. Veepio skidded, and through up her hands. "Please don't harm us, its not our fault-" The droid said a matter-a-fact tone. Physia simply groaned. This can't be happening, the droid was known for doing stupid things before, but this took the cake.

The snowtroopers stepped forward hesitantly. One wearing a mixture of white-blue armor, aimed his heavy blaster.

"Throw down your weapons." He pooked the droid shoving it back.

"Sir, How rude!" She exclaimed, looking toward Physia. If the snowtrooper didn't shot Veepio first, she would easily do it if they had gotten out of there. Why now, when they were so close, did this have to happen. Physia lifted her self from the snow covered floor, and dropped her gun.

"Step foward rebel." The snowtrooper leader getsured with his gun. Signalling with his left one of the other snowtroopers brought forth manicles.

"Tell lord Vader we have capture a female rebel."He getsureed to another carrying a large, black communication back-pack.

Physia let out a low sigh, and gazed down at her feet, prayed to all the forces in the universe that she wouldn't have to meet Vader. Of all the people she hated to hear or think about was the Emperor's main follower. She had heard of Darth Vader's infamous touch, from princess Organa Leia herself, at a debfriefing. She hoped she wouldn't have to feel it as well.

Still gazing down at the floor, she could feel the light snow coming from the open bay doors. The wind had picked up and unlossened her bun. Her hair now flowed uncontestantly as the flow of air gained in intensity. Looking up she watched as the five snowtrooper lifted up their blasters and moved back. "Veepio?"She looked at the droid. Veepio eye blinked with recognition. "Ma'am it seems to be the sound of thruster, such as speeder thrusters. Physia turned and gazed outside of the door. She then saw a large shadow dart over the ground in front of her. The snowtrooper backed off than started to fire of their blasters, as a camouflaged blue-white snowspeeder descended down. Physia couldn't see the pilot, but a smile lit up her face. The snowtroopers lit loose firing all they had into the ship. The rays simply bounced of the thick metal hide. Physia gazed up from the whirling snow storm caused by the speeders thrusters, she could see flashing lights go off, and she knew from her training, it meant for her to duck. Grabbing Veepio she grabbed ground, as the hum of blaster cannons roared to life. The five snowtroopers seeing the speeders blaster cannons flare to life scattered. To them their lives where more precious, then prisoners. The Docking bay exploded as the red beams of pure energy, ripped about the chamber. The snowtroopers were gone instantly, both white armor and flesh turned to boiling slag like the discarded docking bay equipment. The snowspeeder began to lower, and hovered short of touching the ground. The dark rectangular hatch opened, and a man wearing a light blue camouflaged, X-wing flight suit, offered his hand.

"Get in, we don't have much time."

As if on cue more snowtroopers burst through the door, firing of shots. With all the heat and smoke, they all missed. Physia jumped up and half dragged, half tossed Veepio into the waiting snowspeeder.

"Who are you?"Physia asked amazed. The pilot simply smiled.

"I'm your pilot for today, now get in and hold tight."He said as the canopy closed. The pilot quickly pulled back on the throttle, and pulled hard left on the Joy-stick. The snowspeeder lept forth with a kick, blue thruster fire flaming a couple of snowtroopers in the process. The snowspeeder skimmed to the right about the base.

Just as the Speeder rounded the corner, a two legged At-St rounded as well.

"Do something!"

Physia screamed.

Veepio screamed.

The pilot fired. Twin beams of cuncusive force stabbed into the main body of the imperial craft blowing the box like, ostritch from reality. The snowspeeder sped through the debris, and away from the burning Tiefon base to the waiting transports some ten miles away.


Fumes rolled forth from, the large exhaust grates of the large cigar shaped rebel transport. Soldiers flocked about, and helped each other get ready to launch the last transport. Since the ion gun have been dismantled, the transport would have a fighter escort of more than two fighters. Blue Squadron would be the last fighter escort to punch out of the Hoth system. Team leader and Davish Asher, opened up his large map, and looked at his squadron of six men. The young Corpral knew, that this mission would might be their last, yet he felt at peace knowing that all these men where good pilots, as good got. If any these men would survive, if they were strong in the force like he was, they had a better chance.

The Young X-wing fighter pilot smiled at his wing mate and sighed.

"Are you ready for another go."Davish mussed up the young man curly hair.

"Like usual chief...Like usual" Cas Fidal gripped his helmet over his head, and pulled it on. "See you in a parsec." He yelled out running to his X-wing. "May the force be with you..."Davish let his prayer fade off.

"Well you men know what you have to do, get to it, and may the force be with you as well." He said, as the other pilots ran to their ships. Davish headed toward his.

The Sleek X-fighter, basked int he rays of Hoth's daytime sun. It was a swift craft, painted in a blue white skeam. The four foils that could, spread in a x-configuration were lowered. With the foil wings spread it gave the craft manuverability in turns and tight and inclosed spaces, while the foils together made up for increasd speed and flight. One didn't want to open his X-foils in hyper drive, and find himself where he didn't want to be, namely dead.

Davish laid his hand about the side to the craft and gazed toward the midsection of the Star-fighter. Two Technicians where adding in his black Astromech.

"You ready to leave, yet Drdo." D-rdo replied with a several clicks and beep( of course I'm ready, let go, I'm anxious to get back in space).

Davish gave off a large laugh, and zippered up his flight suit, he was just about to enter his fighter, when he saw two people heading his way. One was his flight supivisor, the other was a women and a silver droid.

He stepped down and cradled his helmet underneath his arm.

Physia looked at the pilot standing before her. he didn't look like much, heck her old boyfriend Wedge Antilles second in command of Rouge Squadron cut a better fit. The pilot wasn't tall, regular height for a man, had dark hair, and a scruffy beard, not even a beard, more whiskers. He was young all right, probably wet behind the ears. Gazing her eyes fell to his belt, regular side arm-blaster, some sensory equpiment, and a canister, not a rod, that looked familiar, almost like a hilt of a jedi lightsabre.

Physia stepped back as both men began to talk. There were only supposed to be three jedi in exsistance; Skywalker, Vader, and the Emperor. Mon Matha's reports had been complete so she had been told. Yet before her stood another pilot with a hilt of a lightsaber at his side.

Davish could feel the women's eyes on his back, even as his superior told him of his new orders. He turned and gave the woman a quick glance, and his left hand covered the weapon up.

"What is wrong Ma'am you seem peeked." Veepio replied looking over her curiously. Physia simply looked away from the pilot, and walked over toward the X-wing.

"She has What! oh no I'm not getting involved,"Davish lifted his hands up his protest. "What if we get attacked on-route, what then. I could be blown up. And if she has what you say, why me. Why not Wedge Antilles." The officer simply shrugged. "You were our last choice, she has to get off this planet and headed back to her home Syphon Four."

Physia ears perked and she ran into the middle of the two men. "Did you say home, as in hot Syphierion warm... warm seas and atmosphere?" A twinkle appeared in her eye. The office coughed, and handed Davish his orders.
"From Mon Motha, herself."Davish hand went to his black hair and seemed like he was about to pull it out. He then gave up when Physia gave him his most winning smile. Being the Assistant to the Rebel Alliance leader did have it's advantages, and this one was one of them.

Davish looked at the young woman in front of him, and gauged her to a little odler than himself. Then his memory activated, like a waking holo-screen. he knew this girl, this was the same girl he had saved hours before hand, in his snowspeeder. Man did this one have lungs. She had screamed all the way to the transport landing.

"Look if we get into any thing that shots at us, or Imperial, just don't scream. You distract me," Davish said lifting his helmet onto his head,"the names Davish Asher, and I'm your pilot for the day."

"And I'm V-dpo Human-Cyborg-relations, it's so nice to meet you Master Davish, I'm versed in over five million forms of communicat-." Veepio was pushed out of the way by Physia who know stood in front of Davish. She was a few feet shorter, so she had to look up. "You were the one who saved my life! I have to fly with you!"

"Don't sound so greatful, you should be lucky you're here aren't you. You could be places a whole lot worse." He replied as he activated the Command Cockpit to sit two.

"I should rephrase that statment, not save me, but almost get me killed!" Physia was heating up, her face was turning red. "Here get into this,"he tossed down a spare flight suit.

"I'm not going with you."She stood her ground.

"You have no choice, you see those fighters taking off and that transport, starting to move, that was your last chance, all except this one. Wait...I know, here's another choice stay here and freeze like a dying Ton-Ton for all I care."He was already strapping in.

"Madam I think the master Davish has a point, perhaps, we should go."

"Oh, shut up Veepio." Physia, lifted up the flight suit, and began to put it on. It was going to be a tight squeeze both droid and her together, but it would be over soon, and she wouldn't have to see that pilot again when she reached home. Home, several Galaxies away.


The huge Thusters of the Transport sped the great, craft deep into space. On both her side Four X-wings guarded her, like a mother guarding her children. To her front, Two X-wing flew point, one in red the other blue white.

The last to leave Hoth, the transport would hit smack-dab into the blackade of Imperial Star-destroyers. The space in front of the Rebels grew brighter as beams if light both, laser and blaster lit up in tremendous flashes. Davish, kept his X-Wing on a even course, and Drdo relayed all the tactical information. One several battle cruisers were heading their way. One was already blocking them, with Tie-fighters to boot.

"Hold on tight this is going to get pumpy."He shouted, as laser fire fell short of his ship."

"Just get me home in one piece!"She screamed. "

"On me Cas, Every One Disengage, and take out those Tie-Fighters, if you can take them near the transport, all the better." Davish and Cas broke off as a swarm of Tie-fighter soared straight into the transport. Davish cut a turn, and the X-wing Foils opened. Firing he lit up one of the Spherical Tie-Fighter in one shot. "Yaaahoo!" He cried vectoring off, and coming on the tail of another. This one came whipping along side the edge of the transport and blasted hot laser fire into the metallic skin. Cas coming from the right opened fire. The Tie exploded like a mini-sun.

"Good Shotting partner." Davish replied, as did Drdo with chirps and whistles.

The Six X-wing fighters darted to and fro, as the Transport surged onward. The transport was taking hit after hit. Davish could see steaming holes, in the exoskeleton of the craft. His X-wing whipped by and nailed another Tie, sending it up in a ball of red and orange flame.

"Damn this is getting tough." A Tie fighter was on his tail blasting forth round after round. "Do something, can't you shake him."Physia Squeaked. Davish didn't have time to conecentrate, he reacted and felt the cool feeling of the force flood over him. The young Jedi, cut the throttle and and the Tie sped in front. Davish pushed the throttle on full, and the hunted became the hunter. Davish fired two rounds and hit the Tie on it's left wing shield sending it off spiriling off into the void.


"Sir we've found him finally!" Greles smiled with anticipation. "Its the X-wing from Adem Mandel!"

Tiass ran to window of the bridge. He could see the rebel transport being pokered with laser and blaster fire from his Tie-fighters. On the holo-display, were the markings of the X-wing fighter he had grown to hate over the last months. His green eyes, erupted with burst of energy, and he smiled.

"I will have him! Full battle speed! Arm all guns on the transport, and have our guns lock on to that ship!"This time he would not get away, he would get even with the one who took his eyes. The jedi would pay. Tiass Giggled with glee and energy splurted from his eyes. This time there would be no escape.


Davish, pulled back on the throttle and the ship shuddered. Something wrong was about to happen. Cold sweat began to fall from his brow and skin. Physia looked on worridly.

"What wrong?"She asked, terror etched on her face. She didn't want to die, not like this, cramped up to a cold droid, and a Jedi pilot who was more dangerous to himself. Davish turned his head.

"He's here, I can feel his presence, can't you!"Davish yelled and brought the X-wing along side the transport. "Cas! we need to get out of here now!" Davish poured on the throttle. Cas's face came ont he view screen. "Why? We can't leave the transport!"He shouted as his, X-wing blasted another Tie-fighter.

Davish yelled on the top of his lungs. "There not going to be a transport here in a few moments!" The force had told him so, sort of. Davish could see the familiar sight of the Nemesis gliding its way through space. The disturbance in the force almost drove him crazy. Holding on to the Throttle his X-wing veered directly toward the Imperial star-cruiser.

"Drdo, set the coordinates, for a hyper space jump, to Syphon Four. Aslo set them approximatly behind the Star-cruiser!"Drdo let out a few beebs and chirps, (Are you nuts). "Just do it! Cas follow my lead, you hear kid?"

"Hear you loud and clear right on your tale. Skipper we only have one more man left."

Davish sighed, only three left. Using the force he tried to clear his head, only to be interupted by Physia.

"Did I here right...Did you say we were going to Hyper-jump in the back wash of a star-cruiser. Are you...out...of...your freakin...Mind!"She yelled with all her might.

Davish turned and smiled at her. "Hey, the force is with us. Now hold on lady we going for a little ride." Physia wanted to scream, she wanted to yell and toss herself out into space. She truely was going to die.

The large wedge, like shape of the Nemesis bore down on the transport. Davish could see the skin of the ship as the the X-wing roared closer. Then, Davish, Physia, Cas, and the third X-wing pilot, saw several beams of thick light erupted from the triangular battle-cruiser. Space became sliced, by lines of blue, orange, red, yellow, and purples.

"Follow me! now!" Davish said and put, his flying skills, his faith in the force and his ship to the utimate test.

Tiass roared in victory lifting his hands up in Triumph. He had killed the man who had wounded him so. Gazing at the window he could see the rays of ion, and blaster fire rip into the rebel transport. Time seemed to freeze for several seconds. Then bulges began to show in the superstructure of the ship. Tiass was close to tears. He had killed the force pilot, he had gotten his revenge, as the ship mushroomed into a ball of winking, exploding flame and smoke. Taiss was about to turn, when he noticed two object racing along the top of his ship. It was two fighters, and a third. Tiass wanted to scream, yet he had no more energy to let out a cry.

Davish spun his X-wing out of the confliguration, and soared across the metal skin of the Star-destroyer. Cas was right behind him. But the Third Pilot hadn't been so lucky, as the blast enveloped him in the last moments. Both X-wings skimmed the surface of the Star-destoyer, expertly, evading the slower moving gun-batteries. Davish reached out to the force, and could feel his presence on the bridge of the ship. If he gave into the temptation of killing him it would be to easy, to tempting . Opening up the communication channel he called Cas.

"On my mark fire all Proton-Torpedoes, at the drive section." Davish said, bring down the x-foils of the X-wing. Cas responded with a shake of his head as the X-wings soard past the bridge.

"No!"Taiss screamed in dismay. Davish, and Cas opened fire, and several balls of cuncusive, proton force impacted against the side of the bridge, namly the drive sections. The bridge erupted sending men in flame, and others to their knees. Some where unlucky, as they met their deaths. Tiass roared from the bridge. "Lock Tracter beams!"

One, burned man reached for the button.

The two X-wing fighter roared like flying tigers, past the Star-cruiser. Davish could see the light green luminance of the tracter beam being powered up. Looking at Drdo's screen he cried out.

"Hyper-Drive Now!"

Drdo activated the hyper-drive, and the X-wing ripped from normal space, as did Cas's X-wing, both leaving, only light dust trails of hyper-drive vapor, and the lite green light of the tractor beam.


Tiass gazed at the view-window for a long time. All that was left was the remnants of a rebel transport and nothing else. No survivers, no vengence. The pilot he had so hated had escaped again. Turning away, he saw Greles walk over to him, and slip him a piece of paper.

"My'lord a comunicae from lord Vader." Tiass quickly scanned the paper, crumpled and lifted it to his face. Light beams erupted form his eyes and tore away at the substance.

Greles Gulped, and continued. "My lord we have their hyper drive, coordiantes. They were heading towards the Syphon Sector."

"Good, when I return from my meeting with Vader set a course for the sector."

Tiass whirled about. The day had not started good, and was not about to end good. But there was always another day. Another day for the empire to strike back. His day of revenge.

to be continued.

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