Dragon's LibraryL'Sarol
by Anya

Artemis Entreri, trapped in the Underdark, is given an offer to play The Game, where he will carry a weapon - L'Sarol d'l'Sargtlin - and play the role of L'Sargtlin, the Warrior. To win is to kill the other players - and to lose is to die...



Disclaimer: L'Sarol is based on the Witchblade, owned by Top Cow Comics, Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Michael Turner and Brian Haberlin, a beautifully drawn comic. Artemis Entreri, Menzoberranzan, Jarlaxle and most associated characters and places belong to TSR and Salvatore, the Forgotten Realms.

Spoilers: Set between Starless Night and Legacy... but not many spoilers about the books, since it goes off canon.

Note: Ideas about L'Sarol are due to my having read far too much Witchblade for my own good. Oh yes - I love Ian Nottingham.

I would like to state that my penname 'Anya' has no inference or relationship to Buffy's Anya at all. Took the name before I began seriously watching the show.

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