Dragon's LibrarySecond Chances
by Anya

I was tempted to call this story Memoirs of a Weaponmaster, but I guess that'd be far too obvious.



Disclaimer: I was bored, so I wrote. It's been a very long time since I last touched a keyboard for this sort of thing, so I was a bit out of practice when I first attempted. It's probably obvious to those who have read Arthur Golden's Memoirs of the Geisha that the tone of this thing seems horribly familiar.

Anyway, I don't own the Forgotten Realms, TSR, the dark elves (damn), Zaknafein, duergar, Svirfneblin, Menzoberranzan and all that. Neither do I particularly care.

I seem to be breaking the law recently. Just realized that Wizards of the Coast does not allow the writing of fanfiction. Unfortunately, since I can see now way to profit from this (heh), it's non-profit and written solely for my own amusement.

Hopefully you'd enjoy it too. Have a nice day.

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