Dragon's LibraryThe Wayward Apprentice... and Lost Masters...
by Steven

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Standing on the precipice of a ledge, a black robed man of middling teens says while clutching the silver shaft of a light saber in his right hand in anticipation of an upcoming battle, "Quickly, there is the one we seek!"

Nom Lagos stares at the youth and says, "I cannot believe you talked me into doing this... The others will be angry with us..." the black robed young man jumps down the ledge and skids down the side of the slanted wall to the bottom. Shaking his head and mumbling a curse Nom follows suit while pulling his light saber off of its belt clip.

At the bottom the young man says, "What took you?"

Nom looks at his apprentice, with his shoulder length dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and an old republic style padawan braid hanging from the side of his head to his shoulder. It is a wonder that the young man and himself are still alive after all the rash stunts that the boy has tried. "Ki-Dal, use caution..."

A hail of blaster fire from your intended targets cuts off any further scolding from Nom as the two Jedi flick on their light sabers and deflect shots from the droids quickly closing. There are ten of them. Calling on the force, Ki-Dal extends his left arm and lashes out at a small cluster of them approaching close together. Two of the four affected fall immediately back onto the ground in a heap of steel and the other two stumble a bit but move on raising their weapons again.

Nom moves forward and redirects two shots from the droids with two quick movements and the shots take the droids down. the remaining four are quickly scrambling to fight the Jedi suddenly amongst them!

Meanwhile, Ki-Dal accepts a glancing shot from a blaster rifle and whales into the two remaining droids before him quickly taking them down. Turning to his master, he sees the last of his group going down thanks to a precise brow from his light saber which sends the droids head flying.

As Nom spots his apprentice watching a clapping motion can be heard from a short distance away. Turning quickly, Ki-Dal and Nom brig their light sabers up in a defensive posture and see a figure wearing a suit of red armor that is sculpted to look like the hide of some fell sort of beast. In the armored persons hand is a light saber with a glowing red blade! Nom says, "What is this?"

But words fall short as the man extends his other arm and then makes a gesture and a chest sized boulder whips at him at breathtaking speed! Dodging the boulder by rolling underneath it, Nom comes up in a run and Ki-Dal follows suit... while letting the force flow through him... With the force flowing through him strongly, Ki-Dal strikes the armored man's thigh through his remarkable defense and watches in horror as his light sabers blade flickers then shits off after it hit his foes armor! Watching slowly, almost as if the world slowed Ki-Dal sees the man bring his light saber down and over and only quick reflexes and luck keep the energy blade from the young padawan but in t he process Ki-Dal's light saber is sheared at the top and a blue light of energy flickers within where the power cell and half melted crystal within are flickering with their last remnants of techno life.

Nom seeing the trouble his apprentice is in, comes in hard from the side with his light saber and watches as the man parries blow after blow from his light saber and then a thrust from the mans light saber slips through and slices into Nom's shoulder and sends him tumbling... In the meanwhile, Ki-Dal summons the force and lashes out with a force strike sending the armored man a few feet away. Nom notices his padawan's unchecked use of the force and although it was wrong to use such a technique on the living, he nods his thanks and rushes to the fallen warrior and attacks as he rises... The two exchange blow after blow and then after what seems an eternity nom pierces the odd armor of his opponent and pushes his light saber a good foot into his chest. At that same instant when the blade had already pushed through the armored mans light saber slices through Nom's light saber and across his chest ending his life as well...

Ki-Dal looks on numbingly... and after what seems like an eternity he finds his legs and rises to his feet from where he had apparently fallen in disbelief. moving to his masters side, he moves the body of his master to the side and says, "You have taught me much my master, I hope I can live up to the standards you set in life and make you proud."

Wrapping his master in his cloak, Ki-Dal retrieves his broken light saber and his masters and sticks the two ends of each into his belt pouches and then recovers the armored mans fallen light saber. Flicking the switch of it, he watches the crimson blade of it flare to life and then after a moment he flicks it back off and clips it to his belt. Its odd design sending many thoughts to his confused mind, the foremost of them... what am I going to do now? as he picks up the body of his master and awkwardly carries him back to the training camp.... Maybe the others would know what to do? And who was the armored man? Why did he fight us? And what does it mean that I used a force technique that was forbidden for use against the living?

And thus begins the descent of a Jedi padawan into the dark side of the force...

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