Dragon's LibraryWhen Goblins Attack
by David Pontier

This is a sequel to The Art of Being Entreri. Goblins are discovered near Karenstoch, and wackiness ensues.



Author's Comment:

This story is a sequel to The Art of Being Entreri. If you have not read that, this story will make little sense. A lot of the characters from the first story are in this story, and I did not go out of my way to redefine them other than to jog your memory with their names and titles. Hopefully "The Art of Being Entreri" is still fresh enough in your mind to remember what is going on. This story picks up about 3 or 4 months after the end of the first story, but before the Epilogue.

Many people wrote to me about TAoBE to say that I did a good job of turning Entreri into a good guy. I don't feel that is what I did. At least, that is not what I intended to do. It was my intention to make him the hero of the story, but not the good guy. In Servant of the Shard, Entreri is the hero, but he is not good. RAS needed to give him proper motivation to do what he did and still keep him evil. In my first story and this one, Entreri is not good or just. He is not noble. He is honorable, but he is motivated by his own wants and desires. If you wanted to label him according to D&D I'd have to say he is Lawful Evil.

This is the first of what will probably be half a dozen short stories with Entreri. They will not focus exclusively on Entreri like the first story did, but they will expand upon the new world I created in the first book. I had so much fun making and designing the cities and the countryside, that at the end of the story, I was mad that it was over. The story focused Entreri, and I needed to keep him in the spotlight, making the setting secondary. That will slowly change as these stories progress. Entreri will always be the main character, but I will not try to develop him as much as I try to expand upon the new land he lives in.


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