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Fan fiction based on the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan


Our collection of Wheel of Time fan fiction became so large it was necessary to divide the stories into sub-categories.


WoT Third Age
- is the time Rand al'Thor was born into. Here you will find fanfics set into the time from the Breaking to Tarmon Gai'don.

WoT Ages of Past & Future
- contains fan fiction that is set in ages before or after the so-called Third Age. Robert Jordan hinted at many facts and details of the Second Age - The Age of Legends. About others we know next to nothing and therefore have the complete freedom to shape them in these stories.

WoT Humor
- funny, silly or just a little insane. Go there if you want to have fun with the Wheel of Time series.

WoT Roleplaying
- started this archive. This category contains all the archived posts of our Wheel of Time roleplaying, first from the WoTA BBS and now from the Scriptorium.

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