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Forgotten Realms Fiction

Rise of the Doomplague [16.01.00]
- A paladin and a ranger search for the origin of a deadly plague.

Soliloquy's Last Crescesdo [05.03.00]
An elven bard and his vengeance.

Duel of the Czars [31.08.00]
Love and vengeance are the theme of this story.


Dark Elf Fiction

Tears of the Dark Lady [05.01.00]
... a goddess takes interest in Lolth's followers.


Original Fiction

Princess of the Blue Crystal Spire [05.05.00]
About an evil mage, a princess and a (not yet) brave hero.

Grimoire [17.01.02]
A sequel to Princess of the Blue Crystal Spire


Star Wars Fiction

Escape from Hoth [17.01.02]
- A Empire Strikes Back fanfic.

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