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Answering the most common questions about the Book Shop of Dragon's Library

1. What is the Book Shop?

The Book Shop offers you recommendations on sf & fantasy books and related products that might interest you as well as links to book excerpts and interviews. I try to put up actual content related to book or publishing events. Dragon's Library is an associate of amazon.com and amazon.co.uk and earns referral fees if you buy via our links. These referral fees are used to support Dragon's Library, they make it easier to cover the costs for web hosting and access.

2. I think Dragon's Library is a non-profit project!?

Oh, believe me. Dragon's Library is a non-profit site. The web hosting fees alone keep me firmly in the red.

3. How do I buy books?

Follow a link to one of amazon's product pages. If you think you might buy the book, click and put it in your shopping basket... then browse, add other items you like ... and at the end you can decide which to buy.

4. Why amazon.com / amazon.co.uk?

I choose amazon because they are probably the largest book shop on the net for several years. That means they have a big selection of books (and other things, I know), so chances are good if there is a sf or fantasy book in print that they have it. You can get your books or whatever usually with considerable discount and without hassle, because they have a reliable customer support.

A large point in their favor was their featuring not only of interviews and book excerpts, but especially the numerous reader reviews. They often give a clearer picture how good a book is than an editor's review or the publisher's synopsis.

For detailed information about amazon's policies read:

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