Dragon's LibraryDragon's Library FAQ - The Fiction Archive
Answering the most common questions about the Fiction Archive of Dragon's Library

1. What is the Fiction Archive?

    The Fiction Archive is the core section of Dragon's Library. It is a growing collection of (mostly) fan fiction and (sometimes) also original fiction. Dragon's Library started out as archive for Wheel of Time roleplaying posts, but soon fan fiction was added starting with Barid's great Wheel of Time stories and with time it grew and grew.

2. What kind of stories are archived?

    All stories belong to the Science Fiction and/or Fantasy genre in the widest sense. They can be original or fan fiction. If a category doesn't exist yet, it does not mean I won't archive it. When I get good stories for a certain fandom I will also add a new category. Personally I prefer fan fiction based on books, movies and tv shows. At this time I don't take manga or anime based stories.

3. Some stories have terrible spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. Can't you do something against that?

    I'm sorry, I have given up to try to proof read stories. First, English is not my mother tongue. This is also true for many of our authors. Second, I just have no time to do so. If you are interested in a job as proof or beta reader please contact me. (It is unpaid, of course. :) ) Still better, announce your willingness at the Scriptorium because it depends on the authors if a story will be archived proofed/betaed or not.

4. I want to submit a story. How can I do this? What are the rules?

    Submit your story by posting it to the Dragon's Library mailing list or by e-mailing it to me. Please use text or html format. Mark its category, possible rating and an one-sentence-summary. We have a standard disclaimer for fan fiction, but a personal disclaimer and acknowledgement to the background creators is now (since September 2001) obligatory since the standard disclaimer may be not covering enough.

    Please spellcheck your stories, I do NOT proof read them.

    Sorry if the following sounds like legalese, it is necessary:

    Your story belongs to you, and it may not be reproduced or distributed without permission. By submitting a story to Dragon's Library, you are consenting to grant Dragon's Library a non-exclusive right to publish your story on the Dragon's Library website. A story can be removed at author's request at any time.

    By submitting a story to be published, you acknowledge that the story has been created by you. Dragon's Library is not responsible for plagiarized work being published on this site.

    Dragon's Library is meant to be a website for people of all ages, so please keep the stories R-Rated or less and don't use excessive violence beyond the legitimate needs of a story. Any pornographic or racially offensive work will be not accepted.

5. What when I want one or all of my stories removed from the Archive?

    Each story is only archived with permission of the author. It is your right to withdraw your permission. In this case please send me an email and I will remove the story.

6. Will you organize any contests?

    Dragon's Library has an annual Fiction Contest. All stories that were archived through the year take part except roleplaying stories. Readers can rate each story per provided link or rating box at the end of a story page. Then the stories are ranked depending on popularity (number of votes) and quality (rating).

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