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Log File of all Dragon's Library updates and changes in 2002

27.08.2002 The Newsletter is now officially discontinued after months of irregularity. The mailing list stays as an update list.
08.08.2002 Finally a fan fiction update: 5 new stories added.
30.04.2002 Two dark Elf stories added. The overhauled SF & Fantasy Books section was expanded. Check out the series information. More to come.
25.03.2002 Four stories by Valerie Vancollie added and the Bookmarks were updated. You noticed that the books section moved to a new directory, didn't you?
22.02.2002 Fiction update: 3 new stories and the Thrawn Duology: Clash of Fates II has reached its conclusion. Issue 20 of the newsletter announces the winner of last year's fiction contest.
16.02.2002 Update of the Bookmarks: some sites added that were submitted since the January, some links updated.
17.01.2002 Happy New Year 2002! Please vote for the Fiction Contest 2001!

I have four new stories added. Unfortunatly I have even less time than ever to maintain this website. I will do my outmost nonetheless.

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