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Issue 7; May 15, 2000

Dragon's Library News


New Stories
Interview with Lledrith RavenWolf
Book Recommendation
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  I thought I'll send out this issue a bit earlier than the last ones before I am lacking the time again.
  And again, I like feedback.


New Stories

"Storms" by FernWithy
Star Wars, an Anakin story
  Storm's coming up, Ani... you better get home quick.

"Autopilot" by FernWithy
Star Wars, another Anakin story
  He did not have an urge to take the controls. That was where Obi-Wan had miscalculated.

"Dragonslayer" by FernWithy
Star Wars, a Luke Skywalker story
  He had felt the boy's presence often as he kept his quiet vigil here in the desert - Luke's presence was no subtler than Anakin's had ever been - but never this close, never this in tune with the Force. 

"Werewolves - Being a Treatise on Monsters and Love" by Lledrith RavenWolf
Dark Elf AU
  "I appreciate that fact," Kurent said, hiding a smile, "Actually, the matter is quite serious. It involves the string of recent murders in this wintry, frozen city."

"Nexus - Parts 1-9" by Lledrith RavenWolf
also Dark Elf AU, still unfinished
  Before he could stop her, she had picked up the notepad. "Right," she said, turning a page and pointing to one of the runes, "'Teiwaz'... I thought I'd heard it before. Wait a minute... your name means 'spiritual warrior'?" Rae couldn't help it she started to laugh uncontrollably. Teiwaz looked anything but.
  "I didn't pick my name," he was saying defensively, but he looked shaken. In his eyes was a new, wary respect. "Are you a witch?"

Read them!


Interview with Lledrith RavenWolf

E-mail:   anyasy@singnet.com.sg
Homepage: http://members.xoom.com/Lledrith/Default.htm

This Q&A was conducted per e-mail.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. First, to avoid confusion, which screen or pen names do you use?

  Anya and, before that, Lledrith Ravenwolf.  A few years ago, I was oddly impressed by long, flamboyant names.

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

  Well. This is a broad question. I am 16 years old and a student in Singapore with English as my best subject and Chinese as my worst... other exam subjects would include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Art, Elementary Mathematics and Additional mathematics.  I have an interest in writing (of course) and art, which was why I joined the school newsletter as a journalist and a graphic artist and am in the Chinese painting club. Now I think I've mentioned too much trivia, so we shall move on, shall we?

When and why did you start to write?

  Actually, I have written homework compositions since I could hold a pen, for obvious reasons.  But as to writing fan fiction, I started this when I first joined the drow fiction mailing list, which would have been last year.

You are writing exclusively Dark Elf stories now, as far as I know, and these usually with Zaknafein as main character. Why are the Dark Elf books and this character so interesting to you?

  I suppose, at first, I liked the idea of an 'evil elf' race that lived underground, and had its own peculiarities, including having a female-dominated society.  I enjoy reading original, or at least unusual creations. As for Zaknafein... minimum angst, a great fighter, a survivor, strong-willed, confident, always sure of what he wants - he is a very good character, and I find him very likeable.  Not to mention I don't find him two-dimensional or shallow, as I usually find many of Forgotten Realm characters.

  But actually, I first started reading Dark Elf's Homeland due to a small curiosity generated by Drizzt's character in the game Baldur's Gate. I did not start reading the books due to Zaknafein - in fact, I did not know who Zak was when I started.

  No, I don't write exclusively Dark elf, but Dark elf is the majority.

How do think about the others of  R.A. Salvatore's characters?

  It is, in some places, quite well known as to how I feel about his main character, Drizzt, which can be summarized in the fact that in most of my stories, he has died dramatically or violently.

  I believe that most of his characters, with the possible exception of Wulfgar and Catti-Brie, can be improved on, but I have been accused of optimism before. Entreri I found shallow, but if Salvatore had elaborated on and developed his character, he would also have been more interesting than just a one-man-assassinating-tool.  Like an advanced homing missile. My opinion is that Regis, though irritating, is tolerable, as is Bruenor. Wulfgar and Catti-Brie are beyond help.

  Jarlaxle is also interesting, and does have some depth. Flamboyant, cunning, and also a survival, he does seem at times to be quite alike to Zaknafein, and it does seem implied in a few books that he has had some relation to Zak before.  I would like to see this elaborated on.

Besides of the Dark Elf books which books, series or movies do you read or watch? Who are your favorite authors and why?

  Movies? I don't watch many movies anymore.  The last one I remember watching is the World is Not Enough, because I have a weakness to shiny gadgets and equally shiny cars.

  Most of the books I enjoy are fantasy, and of this, I mainly adore reading humor. I am a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, and am also aware that this is not alike at all to my normal reading trends. I believe that Arthur Conan Doyle, the writer of Sherlock Holmes, is an imaginative and excellent writer, and in consequence I have tracked down all the original stories and am collecting most of those written by others.

  The writer that is my current favorite is Terry Pratchett.  This is because he has an immense sense of humor, and his books have a well balance of original or unusual plot devices, the aforementioned humor, and some philosophical and thought-evoking points.  His Discworld stories are all very good, and his Neil Gaiman co-authored Good Omens is one of the best.

  However, (perversely, perhaps) I do not enjoy reading most 'classical', or insanely popular fiction.   For example, I fell asleep reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and so far the only Tolkien book I have really read is the graphic novel of the Hobbit.  (Another weakness of mine is colorful, pretty pictures.  This has prompted me to read the graphic novel 'Stardust' as well) I also disliked 'A Wrinkle in Time'... and I really, really loathe Harry Potter.

Do you think that you will write fiction for these other fandoms or maybe some original works?

  I have attempted Pratchett once (embedded in a Dark Elf story), but it wasn't a great success.  No, I doubt I would write for any of the above. Original stories are one of the best to write, because, quite obviously, you have a free hand.  The only difficult bit is getting people to read it... since most people would rather spend their time reading about their favorite fanfics.  Since I do it myself, I won't say anything derogatory about this.

When you read your own stories after awhile, what do you think about them?

  Usually: "Oh dear." When I find a plot hole, or that I forgot something, or that I suddenly feel a bit is rather inane. I have not as yet thought: "This story is perfect.  I can't improve on it anymore."

  I feel that my early stories were more or less black and white. Total evil - Total Good, something in the middle.  I'm happy to be moving to Grey Areas.

Do you feel ever the need to re-write a story?

  Quite a few times, but I have not much inclination or time this year.

What are the best scenes you think you have ever written?

  I have no idea.  Personally, I would think that the best scenes are those that others would find funny, because writing humor is more fun than writing action.

Where from do get your inspiration?

  Anywhere. It can be from watching Discovery channel, or daydreaming in Math class, or looking out of a bus window.  The only time when I am not receptive to inspiration is when I am attempting to find it.

You can write very fast, it did amaze me again and again. Are you planning beforehand? What does your writing depend on?

  I hardly plan beforehand anymore. I believe I stopped doing this around my Baldur's Gate story. It takes time, and I realized that although you usually can improve on the plot, it hems in your ideas, and more often than not I abandon it half way.

  My writing depends on my mood.  Usually, when I write I get the best inspirations - I sit down with one idea to get through a chapter, and then get through it with many more.  So I would believe that my writing would mostly depend on time and motivation.

Can you give us a bit writing advice?

  Use spellcheck.  Mis-spelled words are irritating to readers (and the greatest source of annoyance when I read my own stories).

  Have confidence in yourself, and also put your heart in it... you will know if you did the second bit if, after writing a chapter or so, you feel emotionally drained... or maybe this only happens to myself. After writing you should read through it a few more times, but do not have so little confidence that you rewrite it and rewrite it and eventually don't post it for others to read.  However, you must like your story, and think that "Hey, I myself would have liked to buy this story if I saw it in a bookshop somewhere"... that's usually how you would manage to find if it is interesting enough for others to like it as well.

  Many people enjoy reading - Humor, and originality.  Put these in your stories - I would admit the second part is difficult (I can count original bits in my stories with my fingers), but the second part is also, usually, more enjoyable.  Have a well balanced story with fast parts and slow parts, with action and meditation, have bits that are shocking.  Don't have anything that's 'perfect' or 'ultimate'.  I do not believe that something can be totally evil, or totally good.

  And my last bit of advice is - You must enjoy writing your story.

Thank you, Anya.


Book Recommendations

 I will make it short this time.

I don't think someone doesn't know it yet, but still:

Star Wars: Rogue Planet by Greg Bear takes place between Episode I and II and was generally well received. Here is a Greg Bear Interview from february where he talks about this novel.

"The Falcon & the Wolf"
320 pages
File Format: PDF
Coming in May

  Does anyone remember TSR's Birthright role-playing setting? Wizards of the Coast has put some of its products on their web site for free download. Among them is the fantasy novel "The Falcon & the Wolf" by L. Richard Baker III, promised to us for this May. Unfortunately the last time I checked (today) it wasn't available yet.

 I can't say anything about the quality of the novel because I haven't read it (yet). But TSR/Wizards of the coast has published quite a number of successful books - for example RCA. Salvador's Dark Elf books - so I don't want to miss this.


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