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A featured list of great science fiction & fantasy authors
Featured Book by Laurell K. Hamilton Laurell K. Hamilton

started with a few stand-alone novels, but finally hit the shelves with her successful Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Now another series proves to be equally exciting : Meredith Gentry, a fairy princess...
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Lynn Abbey ... James Axler
Camille Bacon-Smith ... Richard Lee Byers
Pat Cadigan ... Elaine Cunningham
Brian Daley ... Doranna Durgin
David Eddings ... Lynne Ewing
Mark Fabi ... Maggy Furey
Neil Gaiman ... Ellen Guon
Karen Haber ... Barry Hughart
Charles Ingrid ... Graham Joyce
Phyllis Ann Karr ... Ellen Kushner
Mercedes Lackey ... George Lucas
R.A. MacAvoy ... Mike Moscoe
Fabian Nicieza ... Eric Nylund
Mel Odom ... John Ostrander
Alexei Panshin ... Philip Pullman
Jean Rabe ... Joanna Russ
Fred Saberhagen ... Michael Swanwick
Rumiko Takahashi ... Harry Turtledove
Edo Van Belkom ... John Vornholt
Mark Waid ... Janny Wurts
Chelsea-Quinn Yarbro ... Sarah Zettel
Featured Book by J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling

wrote with Harry Potter an enchanting book series for children and young adults. Her many fans are now waiting for the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, while the first Harry Potter movie is in the theaters.
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