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A list of notable science fiction & fantasy authors

Featured Book by Orson Scott Card Orson Scott Card

started out as author of sf short fiction. As novelist his first great success was Ender's Game (1985) that won both the Nebula and the Hugo Award. Its sequels kept the high standard he had set: Speaker for the Dead also won both awards. Another series is set into an alternate world with fantasy elements: Tales of Alvin Maker.
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Pat Cadigan
Don Callander
Trudi Canavan
Orson Scott Card
Diane Carey
Jacqueline Carey
Leonard Carpenter
Jerry Jay Carroll
Jeffrey A. Carver
Jackie Cassada
Michael Cassutt
Jeanne Cavelos
Jack L. Chalker
A. Bertram Chandler
Suzy McKee Charnas
Robert N. Charrette
C.J. Cherryh
D.G. Chichester
Sam Chupp
Scott Ciencin
Chris Claremont
Arthur C. Clarke
Featured Book by C.J. Cherryh C.J. Cherryh

is a very prolific author who writes both fantasy and science fiction. Most of her sf novels are set into her Union-Alliance universe. Two of them, Downbelow Station and Cyteen won the Hugo Award.
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Featured Book by Loren L. Coleman Loren L. Coleman

writes for FASA's Battletech and Crimson Skies as well as other games settings.
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Jo Clayton
Brenda W. Clough
Molly Cochran
Allan Cole
Loren L. Coleman
Storm Constatine
Glen Cook
Rick Cook
Tonya C. Cook
Tom Cool
Louise Cooper
Greg Costikyan
Arthur Byron Cover
Greg Cox
John Cramer
Melissa Crandall
A.C. Crispin
Anne Eliot Crompton
Ronald Anthony Cross
Peter Crowther
Elaine Cunningham
Featured Book by Elaine Cunningham Elaine Cunningham

writes almost exclusively for the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting. A good example for her work is the excellent Songs and Swords Trilogy. In January a Star Wars book by her, Dark Journey in the New Jedi Order series was released.
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