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A list of notable science fiction & fantasy authors

Featured Book by David Gemmell David Gemmell

is an excellent fantasy author who wrote the Rigante series and many other novels. The Swords of Night and Day are his newest, promising fantasy.
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Neil Gaiman
Craig Shaw Gardner
Mark Garland
Alan Garner
David Gemmell
Mary Gentle
David Gerrold
William Gibson
Parke Godwin
Christie Golden
William Goldman
Lisa Goldstein
Terry Goodkind
Kathleen Ann Goonan
Steven Gould
L.A. Graf
Charles L. Grant
Geary Gravel
Alasdair Gray
Robert Greenberger
Featured Book by Terry Goodkind Terry Goodkind

bases his fame on a fantasy series: The Sword of Truth. The newest novel of this series is titled Naked Empire, although one has to ask if he can keep up the level of quality.
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Featured Book by Ed Greenwood Ed Greenwood

writes fantasy novels and roleplaying campaigns for the Forgotten Realms setting.
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Martin H. Greenberg
Gayle Greeno
Roland J. Green
Simon R. Green
Ed Greenwood
Nicola Griffith
Anne Lesley Groell
Stephan Grundy
Thorarinn Gunnarsson
Ellen Guon

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