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Featured Book by Mercedes Lackey Mercedes Lackey

is most well-known for her Valdemar series that includes several trilogies: Heralds of Valdemar, Last Herald-Mage, Mage Wars... and the Halfblood series. But she also writes stand-alone fantasy novels.
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Mercedes Lackey
Joe R. Lansdale
Stephen Lawhead
Gentry Lee
Stan Lee
Tanith Lee
Ursula K. Le Guin
Fritz Leiber
Stanislaw Lem
C.S. Lewis
Sharin Lewitt
Jane Lindskold
Holly Lisle
Morgan Llywelyn
Jeph Loeb
Anne Logston
Jean Lorrah
George Lucas
James Luceno
Steve Lyons
Featured Book by George Lucas George Lucas

is the creator of Star Wars. As movie, radio drama or book - this series is a great success. Everything besides this seems to pale in comparison though he has also witten a remarkable fantasy trilogy - Chronicles of the Shadow War.
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