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A list of notable science fiction & fantasy authors

Featured Book by George R.R. Martin George R.R. Martin

is now known through his bestselling fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. Because of it success some of his early books are now re-printed and if you are a fan you should check them out too...
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R.A. MacAvoy
George MacDonald
Laurie J. Marks
Ann Marston
George R.R. Martin
Mark O. Martin
Lisa Mason
Susan R. Matthews
Julian May
P.K. McAllister
Paul J. McAuley
Anne McCaffrey
Wil McCarthy
Ashley McConnell
Jack McDevitt
Dan McGirt
Maureen F. McHugh
Vonda N. McIntyre
Roger McKenzie
Dennis McKiernan
Patricia A. McKillip
Robin McKinley
Featured Book by Julian May Julian May

is the author of the internationally successful Saga of the Pliocene Exile, followed by the Galactic Milieu Trilogy, three volumes in the Trillium fantasy series, and most recently the Rampart Worlds science fiction trilogy.
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Featured Book by Victor Milan Victor Milan

often writes for Shared Worlds like Star Trek, Battletech or the Forgotten Realms.
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Jack McKinney
Sean McMullen
Donald E. McQuinn
Shirley Meier
Abraham Merritt
Gustav Meyrink
David Michelinie
Victor Milan
Calvin Miller
Robyn Miller
Sasha Miller
Peter Milligan
Laura J. Mixon
L.E. Modesitt
Doug Moench
Judith Moffett
Elizabeth Moon
Michael Moorcock
Sean A. Moore
Daniel Keys Moran
Peter Morwood
Mike Moscoe
Featured Book by Michael Moorcock Michael Moorcock

formed the concept of the multiverse, the basis of his Eternal Champion series. Most of his books are fantasy (Elric), some are borderline sf (Cornelius).
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