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A list of notable science fiction & fantasy authors

Featured Book by R.A. Salvatore R.A. Salvatore

is a very prolific author. He has written for the Star Wars universe, the Dark Elf books for the Forgotten Realms setting, the very successful DemonWars novels and many more.
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Fred Saberhagen
Carl Sagan
R. A. Salvatore
Carl Sargent
Pamela Sargent
Ron Sarti
Robert J. Sawyer
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Melissa Scott
Vicente Segrelles
Carol Severance
Eluki Bes Shahar
William Shatner
Robert Sheckley
Charles Sheffield
Rick Shelley
Mark Shepherd
Josepha Sherman
Will Shetterly
Sharon Shinn
Susan Shwartz
James Silke
Robert Silverberg
Featured Book by Robert Silverberg Robert Silverberg

is a very prolific SF author, writing since 1955. Besides his numerous novels his work als editor for various anthologies is remarkable.

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Featured Book by Lisa Smedman Lisa Smedman,

author of several Shadowrun and Dungeons and Dragons books, has written the newest book in the exciting War of the Spider Queen series.
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Dan Simmons
Wm. Mark Simmons
Joan Slonczewski
Lisa Smedman
Cordwainer Smith
Dean Wesley Smith
E.E. 'Doc' Smith
S. P. Somtow
William Browning Spencer
Nancy Springer
Brian Stableford
Michael A. Stackpole
Robert Stanek
Jim Starlin
Christopher Stasheff
Neal Stephenson
Bruce Sterling
Caroline Stevermer
Sean Stewart
S. M. Stirling
Matthew Woodring Stover
Mark Sumner
Michael Swanwick
Featured Book by Neil Stephenson Neal Stephenson

has made himself a name as excellent science fiction writer. His first novel Snow Crash, a Cyberpunk thriller, was already a bestseller and his later book also belong to the best SF of the nineties.
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