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A list of notable science fiction & fantasy authors

Mark Waid
Howard Waldrop
Evangeline Walton
Walter Wangerin
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Charles J. Waugh
David Weber
Robert Weinberg
Margaret Weis
Angus Wells
H.G. Wells
Martha Wells
K.D. Wentworth

David Wenzel
Michelle West
T.H. White
Jack Whyte
Stewart Wieck
Kate Wilhelm
Elizabeth Willey
Michael Williams
Chet Williamson
Jack Williamson
Tad Williams
Walter Jon Williams

Featured Book by Gene Wolfe Gene Wolfe

is most well-known for several of his series. He is now starting a new one: The Knight is the first book in the The Wizard Knight series.
-> Read more about Gene Wolfe

Connie Willis
F. Paul Wilson
Robert Anton Wilson
Terri Windling
Gary K. Wolfe
Gene Wolfe
Dave Wolverton
Bridget Wood
N. Lee Wood
Patricia Wrede
Janny Wurts

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